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They're not typically referred to as "she-males." In fact, that's a little derogatory. Gender reassignment takes months, even years, to accomplish. It starts with intense counseling to determine individual needs and progresses to hormone therapy and finally reassigment surgery in which surgical procedures are performed to create female genitalia.

The process is much more involved that outlined here, but that's the overview.

The same way women do, by becoming a transvestite.

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Q: How do men become she-males?
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How do you women become shemales?

By gender change surgery the other answer is

Are shemales men or women?

They are men who are unhappy with their life.

Can shemales have children?

Shemales are men so not with a man but with a woman they can since they have male genitalia.

Are shemales grils?

yes the are girls in the body of men .

Are men that like to look at shemales gay or straight?


Is your husband gay if he likes shemales?

No. He is only gay if he likes men.

Why do men become shemales?

Being a transsexual is effectively a brain/body mismatch. It's not a choice. It's not a psychological disorder. There's plenty of science backing this up.

Do shemales like men with muscles?

Some ladies like muscles, some do not. It is all her preference.

Do shemales have vaginas?

Shemales are not the same as intersexed or transsexual persons. Thus no, shemales at most will have breasts with male genitalia.

Are you gay if you like wearing women's panties and shemales but you don't like men?

Absolutely not. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender. "Shemales" are women, and a better term would be transgender women.

How do shemales get erections?

Basically shemales are male, so naturally they will have erection...

Are men that like shemales gay?

If they know that she is actually male then I would say yes, either gay or Bi.

Are people bi if they like shemales?

If you are a man attracted to trans ladies, you are straight. If you are attracted to men as well, you are bi.

Is it normal for me being a man to like women with cocks a.k.a shemales?

A shemale is a transgender man with surgically or hormonally enhanced breasts, they are not women. Many men are into shemales, a name used for transgender men working in the sex industry. What is normal when it comes to sexual preference is hard to say but you are not alone.

Why do some men like shemales?

Why not shemales are better then women. They are from both worlds. Shemales have big fake boobs and big nice shemale penis. Every man wants to have anal sex with his girl friend right and girls friends dont want it in the bum all the time but shemales do!! So can you see why shemale are the best! Some men can't admit even to themselves they have homosexual inclinations, and choose these people as a viable alternative. i think its because they wanna try both ways the wanna see how it feels and see which they like best.

How shemales are made?

Shemale is a term used for transgender men in porn. He is a man but have though surgery or hormones got breasts.

Do shemales wear regular girl panties?

Shemales can wear thongs that's what i wear but my dick hangs out. some shemales will wear panties if they want

Do straight men look at tranny websites?

yes i look at trannts websites some of the shemales and trannys are hot as hell

Are shemales bisexual?

Many "shemales" are in the process of changing their sex. Some of them are bisexual; most aren't.

Why do shemales have bigger penises than men?

The thing is most people think that shemales have bigger penises as they are always available in prn websites and live cams. But there are men out there with bigger penises who are not doing prn. So people think that shemale penises are bigger than men and they are very wrong...

Do shemales have both sexes?

They are born boys and later in life they become trans women. Women can not be shemales since they are not born men. Wiki:Shemale is a term used in sex work to describe trans women with male genitalia and augmented female breasts from breast augmentation and/or use of hormones. Using the term she-male for a transsexual woman would be considered highly offensive, for it implies that she is working in the sex trade.

Do shemales exist?


Does shemales have eggs?

no they have dicksss

Can shemales get themselves pregnate?


Can shemales marry?

Yes they can