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How do monkeys get its food?

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they smack it or they catch in a nasty ungle way

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How do monkeys get food?

Monkeys get their food from trees

How do monkeys get their food?

Monkeys can get their food in a number of ways. Many monkeys will choose to forage for the food they eat.

What monkeys eat food?

All monkeys eat food.

How do monkeys digest their food?

Monkeys eat food like we do.... I guess.

What food do monkeys not like?


How do monkeys get there food?

from banana treesfrom eating smaller monkeystakes from other monkeys

What do spider mokeys eat?

Spider monkeys eat food Spider monkeys eat food

What food do monkeys eat?

monkeys mostly eat fruits

What are monkeys least favorite food?

Termites are pouisonous to monkeys

Monkey food chain?

what is a monkeys food chain

How monkeys climb on trees?

the monkeys claws latch onto the trees which helps the monkeys climb so they can get food.

Why do monkeys eat bananas?

Bananas are in their environment and monkeys have learned that they are good for food.

What are monkeys' favourite foods?

monkeys favorite food is bananas,and stuff

What will you feed the sea monkeys when their food is gone?

You go back to the place where you got the sea monkeys from and buy more food for them.

What is monkeys favorite food?


How do monkeys find their food?

climb for it!

Okapi in a food chain?


What is food of monkeys?

Do you mean 'bananas'

What food do monkeys hate?


How does a monkey gather food?

how do monkeys gather food to survive?

Can monkeys make food?

No a monkey can`t make food.

How do you care for sea monkeys?

You feed it the food that comes with the sea monkeys or you purchase additional food. Be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Can sea monkeys eat fish food?

No don't kill your sea monkeys! please!

What types of insects do monkeys eat?

Monkeys favorite food is the blue spotted beatle

What types of food does monkeys eat?

monkeys are omnivores which means they eat plants and meat