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How do musical performers prepare for performing?

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What are singers?

They are musical performers.

A name for three musical performers?


What do you call a musical composition for two performers?

A duet.

What is the group of four musical performers called?

A Quartet.

Do great performers have outstanding technique but not deep musical understanding?


Elements of theater arts?

Theatre is the building in which the play is performed. This has a performing space, called "stage," an audience space or "house," and a "backstage" where performers prepare and keep their costumes or props. Some of these buildings are masterpieces of architecture.

Who are musical performers at super bowl 2011?

The black eyes peas

What has the author Charles Suber written?

Charles Suber has written: 'Dictionary for artists and performers and managers' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Performing arts 'Dictionary for artists, performers, managers and entrepreneurs' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Performing arts

What do you call a group of performers?

You would call a group of performers something different based on what they are performing, and how many of them there are. For example, a group of performers in a certain type of play could be referred to as a troupe, and a group of 5 musicians in a quintet.

Who is performing at the 2010 Juno Awards?

So far I know Justin Bieber and Drake are performers.

Which one of the following musical notations allows performers to improvise slightly with the rhythm?


Who is performing on x factor on Sunday 5th December 2010?

One of performers is Black Eyed Peas

What should you do before performing a lab?

Prepare everything you need

What is a musical form that contrasts a soloist or small group of performers with a larger group?

concerto grosso

Can your performing arts group perform High School Musical 2 as a summer musical?

you can apply for the rights at

Who holds the performing rights to Legally Blonde the musical?

MTI (Musical Theatre International) currently holds the rights to Legally Blonde the Musical.

Who is performing at this years Super Bowl?

The halftime performers for Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium will be the Black-Eyed Peas.

What is favourite bands of Brad Pitt?

The top favorite musical performing group of the actor Brad Pitt is Muse. Muse is a musical performing group that originates from England. They perform rock and alternative rock music.

What elements did storytelling performers use to make literature memorable?

They employed the use of musical elements, such as rhyme and rhythm.

What is a pair of singers called?

Two singers are a duo.They might sing a duet, a musical composition for two performers.

Was Hallelujah In A Musical?

The song hallelujah was in the movie "Shrek", and I believe was played in the musical when it was performing. However, I do not know of any other instances

What year did Taylor swift start performing?

1998 in a musical production of grease

What is the name of the fork used to prepare musical instruments?

Tuning Fork.

What do opera singers do after performing?

Like most performers, they probably decompress in some way, while preserving their voices for the next show.

What has the author Peter Pinne written?

Peter Pinne has written: 'Australian performers, Australian performances' -- subject(s): Discography, Performing arts