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How do natural elements form?


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In the earth crust, in the atmosphere, in all natural waters.

Mercury is a natural element. It is not a combination of anything. It combines with other elements.

No. There are 92 natural elements.

there are 51 natural elements we know of

Elements can either be synthetic or natural. Synthetic elements are made artificially in laboratories, while natural elements exist in their natural state in nature. Natural elements can further be defined as native elements. These elements exist in their uncombined state.

there are 90 natural elements on earth

what are the natural elements

Most of the atoms in living things come from just six elements. These elements are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Scientists theorize that these elements, along with all 93 natural elements, were created in the centers of stars billions of years ago, shortly after the universe formed in a violent explosion.

Now 94 elements are considered natural.

Today 98 elements are considered as natural.

Most of the natural elements are solids, only 2 of the natural elements from the earth are liquid.

they have a natural tendecy to become stable that's why different elements under different conditions react to form different elements or compounds.

Elements form compounds because elements are usually unstable alone. That is why there are not many elements that occur naturally in a pure form.

All the existing elements are natural the man made elements are rare and have a very short life.

Very little. They can both have a valency of two. They are both elements. They can both form compounds with sulfur. I am reaching here!

Elements combine to form a compound.

Elements combine to form compounds.

Natural Radioactive elements are firstly discovered by Madame Curie.

some may be to lethal in their natural state or unstable but some are used in their pure form such as iron, gold, silver, oxygen, etc.

Elements combine to form chemical compounds.

Welll no. The natural elements are listed not all. But you just need to know the natural.

A snowflake is a natural form.

94 natural elements and 14 artificial elements

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