How do non married people get pregnant?


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Just like married people -- they have sex without using birth control or their Birth Control fails.

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Why not? I got pregnant while I was married and until I have given birth to my youngest child I was alone. So what´s the difference? Better to get pregnant not beeing married, so you don´t have to share custody for your children.

No, she was not pregnant when she got married Elvis.

You shouldn't get married just because your pregnant, you need to really think about it. Its not good for a child to be in a house where people are fighting or unhappy all the time.

Depends on where you live. In some pats of the world they only allow people be married to non-family.

No famous couples were married on this date, but several non-famous people were.

ANSWER: Afraid not because what ever two people do it always have to be "it takes two to tango. Unless the woman is rape then she have a huge case against this man, but I figured this two people are lovers that it why she got pregnant..

No, she is not pregnant, married, or currently dating

Just depends on whom you speak to about marriage. People still get married, people still get pregnant, people still have babies.

she is married and has a son

yes sharpay is married and yes she is pregnant her baby's name in Lilly the dad is troy

No the bible says Mary got pregnant before she married Joseph.

Yes, both pregnant and non-pregnant women can get BV. It's of more concern in pregnant women because it is associated with preterm labor.

More than anything else a married is a legally binding contract that ensures both parents provide for the financial well-being of the children. It makes 'good sense' to get married if you're pregnant and your 'partner' is financially viable. If he's a bum, then getting married might be a bad idea.

No, she's not pregnant. Gerard Way did NOT get married because his wife was pregnant. They got married a while ago and they're now expecting their first child in August of 2009.

No, but she is married

He is not married. However, he does have a girlfriend, who may be pregnant!

If you are legally married, there is no problem.

Hun you cant get married yet.

The only person that will ever get pregnant in Harvest Moon DS is your character's wife (if you get married at all). Keep her affection very high for 30 days and she will get pregnant.

Helen Keller was NOT married, and that means she was not pregnant.

Kevin Jonas is married and no his wife is not pregnant.

Some people decide to get married because they want to move out of their parent's house and some people get pregnant. Marriage is sacred and should only be done if the couple truly love one another.

um... people might thing you're a bit odd... now that's dangerous

Exactly the same as a non-pregnant woman or a man.

Fatter than a non pregnant tetra.

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