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they help you to now how to count your money and help you count people and all sorts of stuff

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Why do doctors use Roman numbers?

For accuracy and for preventing manipulating of numbers which could affect life and death.

Give me 20 examples of how numbers affect your daily life?

How do we use the number 80 in are daily life?

How numbers affect your life?

cit is in bills you pay or in accounting the price you pay for something math is in our everyday life. it's good to know.

Will gonorrhea affect you throughout life?

how can gonorrhea affect your life

How can marijuana affect a person's life?

it cant affect your life

How does leukemia affect someones life?

how does leukemia affect a life

Can land pollution affect a river?

yes as all pollution is sucked into the river banks and causes the lower numbers of sea life.

What does resource availability not affect?

It does not affect the the sum of two numbers.

Did earthquakes affect the Incas way of life?

Did earthquakes affect the Incas way of life? Did earthquakes affect the Incas way of life?

How does peninsula affect human life now?

It really does not affect the life of a human . But, it can affect environment .It can't affect nothing

How can population affect your life?

how does increase the population affect the life in manila

How does environmental destruction affect life?

how does environmental destruction affect life

How did geography affect the kush life?

my geography affect my life is English

How does food chain affect your life?

how does a food chain affect your life

How does globalization affect your daily life?

how the globalization and internet affect your daily life

How does affect your daily life of physical fitness?

How does affect your life in physical fitness

How does division affect numbers?

It decreases it

How can a bad attitude affect your life?

A bad attitude can affect your life: 1) It can affect the way you learn. 2) It can affect your performance in a sport or activity.

How might a volcanic eruption affect an ecosystem?

It could poison the atmosphere with ash and smoke and destroy countless numbers of trees and forests and animal life.

How do other people's prejudice affect your life?

how do other peoples prejudice affect your life ?

Did success of Celine Dion affect her life?

did success affect on leighton meester's life?

How would it affect someones life if they believed in reincarnation?

how will reincarnation affect hindus life?

Did success fame affect the life of Pasteur?

did louis pasteur success affect his life

How do mountains and basin affect life in Texas?

How do mountains and basins affect life in Texas?

What property states that changing the order when adding numbers does not affect the result?

It is the Commutative Property which states that changing the order when adding numbers does not affect the result.