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How do observations differ from inferences?


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They differ from observations because observations andbinfwrencw are bomb get it?

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Scientific inferences are based on observations

You gather information in both obsevations and inferences

both have to do by finding information

Using observations, you can discover patterns in data and make an inference

yes we can. because people find out what and they don't need observations

- By You Using Prior Knowledge , And Experience !

quatitative observations have to do with QUANTITY and qualitative observations have to do with QUALITY.

Observations are what you see (i.e. i saw a bird flying today), and inferences are reasonable conclusions based upon what you know (i.e. the bird was flying to get food for its young). Both of these are methods of finding information.

they use the information from their observations to make inferences

You observe the world objectively. You can apply prior knowledge to make innferences. Taking you're inferences, you can factor in your knowledge of the future and predict what will happen.

Generally, inference means an educational guess or a judgement. Observations are the cause of any major or minor change. This might not help much but that's all I know.

qualitative observations don't use numbers and quantitative observations use numbers I remember them by the "N" in quantitative and I'd think that the "N" meant number.

Inferences are educated guesses.

science is derived from a latin word scientia meaning to know. it is the knowiedge acquired by man through observations experimentation and inferences thereof.

An observation is something you experience directly with your senses - it's a fact. An inference is something you guess is happening based on what you observe - it's a guess.

Quantitive observations are facts like "the shirt is red" and qualitive observations are opinions like " that shirt is cool"

The student made faulty inferences.We make inferences all the time.As the hurricane passed over us, we drew many inferences to explain the crashing sounds we heard.

An observation is a measurement you observation is something you see or measure directly.While an inference is recording data or an event that you witness or study and a conclusion drawn based on the data/observations you have.......

Implications imply something. Inferences are conclusions derived from facts or premises.

Tagalog translation of inferences: mga makabuluhang hinuha

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