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How do otters survive in the water?

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Fish use gills, which extracts oxygen from the water.

Amphibians and whales breath oxygen, whales can hold their breath for hours at a time, explaining how sperm whales can hunt at great depths for periods of time.

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Can the river otters survive without water?


What special features do otters have to survive?

Water proof fur covering!

What do sea otters need to survive?

Sea otters need food and fresh water to survive. They also need shelter for their pups and protection form predators in the wild.

How do river otters survive?

the need fish to survive

Do sea otters breathe under water?

No they do not. That's why they come up every once in a while. Mammals are animals that MUST breathe air to survive. All otters areammals

Do otters live in fresh water?

There are both freshwater (river otters) and salt water otters.

Do sea otters survive in cold weather?

Yes they do survive in cold weather.

What do river otters need to survive?

They need to have food (they prefer fish and crayfish, but eat what is available), water, and a good large habitat. river otters often die from pollution and/or loss of habitat.

What are facts about otters?

Otters are mammals but they can swim and live in water.

Where do sea otters excrete?

sea otters excrete in water and on land

Why do otters slap their tales on the water?

You seem to have confused otters with beavers.

Why do otters have fur?

Otters have fur because they need it to survive the cold waters of the Northern Pacific ocean and the Southern Pacific ocean.

What are the otters threats?

Habitat destruction and water pollution are the main threats to otters.

Do otters live exclusively in water?

Otters are a semi-aquatic mammal. So they don't live exclusively in water.

Organisms that help the piranha survive in its habitat?

caminals watersnakes turtels and otters

Can a otter survive in the ocean?

only sea otters and it depends on the type of otter

Were do sea otters live?

In the water

What eats water otters?


What features does an otter have to survive in water?

Otters have very soft, insulated underfur, which is protected by an outer layer of long guard hairs. This traps a layer of air which keeps them dry and warm under water.

Do otters eat mammals?

Otters will eat small mammals such as water voles and young rabbits.

How do sea otters stay warm in cold pasific water?

Sea otters eat buts

What aquatic animals live in fresh water?

River otters live in the shores of fresh water regions. River otters live on river shores. River otters hold there breath when going under water. They also use sticks and branches to build a dam in the water.

How long can Otters stay under water?

Otters are able to stay underwater for up to 8 minutes.

What is the temperature of water sea otters live in?

The temperature sea otters live in is 50 degrees or lower.

Where do otters make their home?

Otters live in the water so they are found in lakes, rivers and even the oceans.

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