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do the parent seahorses feed there babies

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Q: How do parents feed their babies?
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How often and how much should you feed baby pigeons?

The parents feed the babies. You dont.

Is anaconda babies fed by parents or by itself?

They feed on their own.

Is it only the mother bird that feeds her babies?

it depends on what kind of bird it is. Like a budgie both parents feed the babies. or if your talking about in the wild,male cardinals feed the babies too!

When can you feed human babies milk?

It depends on your current location, availability of certain places, enthusiasm to feed babies, the method of feeding, the condition of the human babies, your mode of transportation, the weather at the time, the location of the human babies you desire to feed, how many people are currently feeding babies at the place you desire to feed human babies at, the condition and type of the milk you desire to feed to the human babies, the method of feeding, the allowance of the parents/guardian, your trustworthiness based on past experiences feeding human babies milk, the impact the baby has on you, the location that you plan to feed the human babies milk, the age of the human babies you desire to feed milk to, the current and planned eating habits of the human babies you desire to feed milk to, the impact you have on the human babies that you desire to feed milk to, the impact the location you plan to feed human babies milk to has on the human babies, the time you plan to feed milk to human babies, and so on.

How do the cheetah's babies get their food?

Their parents feed them with breast milk and meat that they hunted until the babies are mature enough to hunt on their own.

Do red platies feed their babies?

No, they don't. In fact, the parents will attack and eat the baby fish if they can.

How do emperor penguins feed their young?

when the babies are chicks, the parents feed them with regurgitated (thrown up or puked) food that has already been digested.

Why do rabbits not feed their babies?

They won't feed their babies if they have a human scent on them.

Which animals feed their babies?

All mammals Breast Feed there babies/children.....:)

How do hummingbird's feed their babies?

Hummingbirds feed their babies insects or regurgitate nectar.

How do female bats feed their babies?

Female mammals feed their babies milk from their bodies.

Does it feed milk to its babies?

Yes. Almost all mammals feed milk to their babies.

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