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All mammals Breast Feed there babies/children.....:)

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Q: Which animals feed their babies
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How do animals feed their babies?

animals feed their babies by breast feeding. like we do. when there babies grow older their mum starts to bring them back solid food which takes them longer to eat but this takes time then when their old they feed their babies like there mum did to them.

What are mammalians?

Mammalians are animals that feed their babies from their breasts. :D

What animals feed their babies by breast milk?

All mammals

How do other animals feed their young?

Mammals nurse their young by producing milk in their breasts. Some animals (birds) may eat food, and regurgitate it to feed their babies.

Does the turtle feed its babies with milk?

turtles to not feed there babies milk. they are not mammal's. only warm blooded animals do,( mammals ) Not only do turtles not feed their babies with milk, they don't feed or care for them at all. If a parent comes in contact with it's baby it might even decide to eat it. Ther poor little babies are on their own from the start.

Can one dog feed an others pups?

Yes, animals often adopt other animals babies. Sometimes they are out of species .

What chores did the kids do in the 19th century?

they take care of babies feed the animals pick cotton

Do any animal feed their babies with milk?

Animals that are mammals suckle their young with the mothers' milk.

How do parents feed their babies?

do the parent seahorses feed there babies

Why do rabbits not feed their babies?

They won't feed their babies if they have a human scent on them.

Is a tiger a mammal?

Yes. Mammals are animals that are warm-blooded, breathe with lungs, and feed their babies with milk.

How do hummingbird's feed their babies?

Hummingbirds feed their babies insects or regurgitate nectar.

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