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Yes, animals often adopt other animals babies. Sometimes they are out of species .

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Q: Can one dog feed an others pups?
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If a dog has pups but one wont feed what do you do?

my friends staffy has had a litter of pups but we can't seem to get the last born pup to feed from her what should we do.

Why would a mother dog separate her two pups?

Because she is a harsh dog that doesnt care for one of her pups!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have all your pups near you in order to feed them in Wolf Quest?

You can not feed all your pups at the same time. They eat one by one. Either you or your mate can feed them, but you must be like right in front of them to do so.

Can a dog have one hundred pups?

are you insane???? Hahahahahahah!!! No!! The dog would die :(

How do you stop my dog growling at puppies?

i would rcomend that you keep the ddog that is growling at the pups away from them as the dog will be jealous as before the pups arrived that dog might have been getting alot of attension and now thye pups are getting more attension. keep the dog awaay unless it is the mother of the pups because my dog bit one of the pups from my other dogs litter and it pierced the skin.... he was just jealous. seperate the dog from the pups UNLESS it is the mother!

How long do seals stay with their pups?

Most species of seals stay with their pups for about one month. During this month the baby seals feed from their mother but after that the baby seals feed themselves.

Can a dog have the same father as grandfather?

Technically, yes, though in an incestuous relationship the dog's grandfather becomes father at conception and is no longer referred to as "grandfather". yes . its is called inbreeding. the dog can father pups and then be mated with one of its pups. wen the female dog gives birth to a litter of pups the stud dog ( the dog the female has breeded with ) is the father of the pups and also the grandfather

Why would a mother dog with only two pups separate them one out of the box and one in?

maybe the pups might fight or maybe the one out wants to play.

What is the record of 1 yorkie dog how many pups?

what is the record for a yorkie dog to have pups we have 8 lovely ones which seem a lot from one small dog and so young she is fantastic with them feeding them all as well

My dog has had 2 breech stillborn pups the last one was born at 5am this morning and has had nothing since but she still keeps nesting and she has had No blood she is clean is she finished?

it can take up to 2 hours between pups being born, if the 2 pups she had were still born there could be a health issue with the dog. what kind of dog do you have? what have you done with the stillborn pups? is your dog digging in the area where the pups were born? keep an eye on this digging behavior as she could have pups inside her still if it continues take her to the vet.

Is it normal for a female dog to not want to feed her pups when they are only one month old?

It could be she isn't lactating (producing milk), or she could think there is something wrong with them. If this continues, you can get puppy formula from a vet or a feed store. The bottle you might need to get from wal - mart.

What else can you feed your dog?

The one thing is don't feed your dog too much human food. It will get them aggresive!

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