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All mammals

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Q: What animals feed their babies by breast milk?
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What Do Female Orca Whales Feed their Babies?

Breast milk.

Why is milk called a'complete food' for babies?

babies don't have teeth so their mother eat to have breast milk to feed them and they get their balanced diet from their breast milk

Does a tiger feed its babies milk?

yes they do tigers are mammals so they have breast feed them for the few of there life

Why do breast still have milk?

To feed babies.. Can you rephrase the question to something more specific?

Do kangaroo rats breast feed their babies?

yes. all mammals feed there young milk from mammary glands.

Do any animal feed their babies with milk?

Animals that are mammals suckle their young with the mothers' milk.

Why do girls produce milk?

from boobs its to breast feed babies like any other mamel.

How do the cheetah's babies get their food?

Their parents feed them with breast milk and meat that they hunted until the babies are mature enough to hunt on their own.

If baby rabbits have teeth do you have to feed it milk?

Babies are born with teeth, you do not want to give them milk the mother will breast feed them... They are ready to ween at 6-8 weeks

Does it feed milk to its babies?

Yes. Almost all mammals feed milk to their babies.

Does the turtle feed its babies with milk?

turtles to not feed there babies milk. they are not mammal's. only warm blooded animals do,( mammals ) Not only do turtles not feed their babies with milk, they don't feed or care for them at all. If a parent comes in contact with it's baby it might even decide to eat it. Ther poor little babies are on their own from the start.

Did Kate Gosselin breast-feed or use formula?

Kate Gosselin divided her breast milk evenly among the babies for awhile, and then she started giving it to the weaker babies and gave forumla to the stronger ones. It is not possible to produce enough milk for six babies.

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