What are mammalians?

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Mammalians are animals that feed their babies from their breasts. :D

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Q: What are mammalians?
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Can cats have sea salt?

Of course, salt is necessary for all mammalians.

What the differences between human and other mammalians?

no two group of mammles can mate

Can dogs use Sodium Chloride?

Yes, all mammalians need salt.

Do panthers reproduce?

Yes panthers reproduce. They reproduce just like any other mammalians.

Are dogs mammalians?

Yes. Dogs are mammals. They are warm blooded and produce milk to feed their young.

Can a wolf adapt to sudden warm temperatures?

Better than many mammalians, but they are subject to overheating, as canines do not perspire (the reason dogs pant on a hot day).

Why are salt and pepper the main seasonings?

Salt is also absolutely necessary for mammalians life; Piper nigrum can be replaced by other types of pepper or other spices.

What age do your mammalians go away?

Do you mean mamelons- the small bumps on the incisal edge of a tooth? There is no particular age, they go away over time by attrition from eating or how the teeth occlude.

Is it morally justifiable to confine animals just for fun?

Depends. If the animal is aware or capable of knowing of its existence as a sole creature, a self-sustaining creature, then I would believe so. Pigs, Dolphins, and Elephants are mammalians that are aware of their existence just to name a few , as this is noted by their proportionally large frontal lobes.

How did velociraptors go extinct?

Velociraptors were small carnivorous dinosaurs, therapods.They starved to death, during the K-T major extinction. The surviving mammalians were not enough to feed this species.There are some paleontologists that belive Velociraptors could have been a chronospecies.They suggest Velociraptors could had diminuished their size during and after the K-T boundary, and developed more efficient feathers, beeing ancestry to present Cenozoic birds.(Personally, I do not subscribe this hypothesis.)

What if your teeth have bumps on the bottom you are eleven what does this mean?

What type of "bumps on the bottom" do you mean? If its a bump on the inside of the gums situated beneath the premolars, it's known as the torus. just a bone elevation, nothing harmful. If it is at the back of the first molars, the 2nd molar teeth are erupting nothing to be cautious about. If it is on the teeth itself, usually the front ones it's called mammalians and usually it will erode during wear and tear for years to come. These bumps were just to help your adult teeth to come through. they will wear away eventually

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