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How do parrots talk?

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they repeat something you have said if you say it over and over

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Do regent parrots talk?

parrots have an ability to talk(mimic)

Do gray parrots talk?

African Gray parrots do talk.

Can parrots and humans talk?

Of course. Both of them can really talk. Humans and parrots can talk.

Why do parrots talk?

parrots really don't talk. they just mimic.

Do female parrots talk?

Both the male and female parrots can talk.

Do all parrots talk?

Yes, all parrots have the ability to talk. This is because parrots are high intelligent birds and can imitate the human voice.

Why don't parrots talk?

some parrots are really shie

How are parrots able to talk?

because they can

Can parrots learn how to talk?


What is the factual history of parrots?

They talk

Do parrots talk of mock?


Can parrots talk to humans?

yes, i have pet ones, and they do talk to me

Do deers talk?

No. Animals but parrots talk. Deers talk in their own language.

How are parrots able to imitate words?

Because the government stole our souls and put them into parrots but parrots are retarted but our smartness evens it out so parrots can talk a little bit

How do you get parrots to talk?

Talk to them and repeat the things you want them to say often.

Can any bird talk?

parrots can talk....but u should teach them...

Do parrots talk?

Yes, but only when they want.

Why are parrots so smart?

they can mimic and talk

What kinds of parrots talk?

The king of the talking parrots is the Congo African Grey Parrot. The next best talkers are the larger South and Central American Amazon parrots. Smaller parrots, budgies and cockatoos learn to talk as well. These smaller parrots appear to have considerably great individual variation. Hope that answers your question!

Can a Alexandrian parrot talk?

Yes. All parrots can talk and I am sure of that. I think.....

Can you train a crow to talk?

No of course not the only animals that can talk are humans and parrots.

Can you talk to parrots?

You can talk TO anything. Rocks, trees, God... Talking WITH - getting an understandable answer - is another thing entirely. On that scale, parrots don't rate that well.

Why can parrots talk?

I belive parrots can talk beause of the shape of their tongue. I heard about a study that was done, and they say a parrots tongue is similar to a humans, so it's not actually suprising that they can talk or just mimmic what we can say.They dont actually talk as we know it. Parrots copy sounds they hear. However, the parrot family including Budgies are very intelligent. They can associate sound with actions and respond to these

Can any animals talk your language?

Parrots imitate

Do parrots like to talk?

sometime if u train them it will