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Do coyotes kill peacocks?

no yes they do that's what peacocks eat .

Do foxes eat peacocks?

Sure. Peacocks are great meal for foxes.

What eat peacocks?


Do lions eat peacocks?


Do peacocks eat anphibians?


Do peacocks eat dogs?


Do bears eat peacocks?


What is a peacocks diet?

Peacocks are ground feeders. They eat plants, insects, and small creatures. Unlike most ground feeding birds, peacocks will eat things like snakes.

Do snakes eat peacocks?

yes they do rattlesnakes cobras like all the snakes eat peacocks except for garter snakes

Do peacocks eat their babies?

No they don't eat their young.

What can eat a peacock?

I think peacocks eat worms.

What kind of food do peacocks eat in the wild?

Peacocks are omnivores. This means that they will eat both meat and plants. Their main diet consists of eating berries and grains. Though, some types of peacocks are able to eat snakes.

How do peacocks eat there food?


What and how do peacocks eat?

They swallow their food.

How do peacocks treat their babies?

they eat them

Do peacocks eat rats?


What color flower do peacocks eat?

Peacocks eat any color flowers, seeds, leaves, and necter as long as they are part of plants.

What does a peacocks eat?

peafowl eat bugs, grains and grasses.

What animals kill and eat peacocks?


Do peacocks eat stink bugs?

no they dont

How often do peacocks eat?

not often i think

What are peacocks life needs?

to eat and breed

What do white peacocks eat?

Peacocks are omnivorous, which means they eat both plants and animals. Their diet consists of plants, reptiles, insects, and flower petals.

Do Peacocks eat all type of snakes?

no,but it can even eat cobras

How do peacocks survive?

Peacocks are grazers, they eat early in the morning and late afternoon. Peacocks have a low energy consumption, because they do not fly as a regular course of their day.

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