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How do people affect the desert?


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How humans harm deserts:

  1. By building roads through them
  2. By driving strait through the desert, destroying plants
  3. Constructions throughout the desert
  4. Overgrazing sheep and cattle may destroy plants-though this has slowed over the years
  5. Military training, though helpful in protecting deserts, may crush plants and small animals
  6. By overusing water
  7. Desert Farms
  8. and rally car races

How humans help deserts:

  1. By conserving water; if you conserve water where you live, there will be more water for the dry deserts
  2. Volunteer in a desert by pulling out nonnative desert plants
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they do from a distance by polluting the air around and in it.

we are helping the desert biome by conserving water and pulling out non-active plants.

it is hot and it could kill people and thats how it affects people

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People can alter the desert but people cannot influence a desert. The desert can influence people, however.

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Pollution affects the desert biome in various ways. This will affect the plants and animals in the desert when processes like drilling wells are done.

Humans affect the desert through the creation of oasis's and climate change.

Some factors that affect a desert biome are as follows: - humidity - moisture - temperature - water bodies - precipitation

The prevailing winds that affect the Sahara Desert are what determine the precipitation. The dry air affects the moisture.

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Acid rain can have a devastating affect on the desert. This acid can wear through the plants protective layer and it will then die in the sun.

Sunlight is absorbed by the surface of the desert and the surface is heated. The surface, in turn, heats the air above the desert.

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Deserts affect humans in many ways. Deserts affect how we live, build shelter, what we can grow as in crops and agriculture, how we dress and how far out the desert is out from civilization if you are talking about a desert that is isolated.

Cheetahs are not desert animals as they much prefer the grasslands where food is more common. Therefore, the desert has little to no effect on them.

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