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There are a variety of ways in which people cook. The most common ways are with gas and electric ranges using pots, pans and baking dishes. Microwaves are also very handy. Today's models are even equipped with the ability to grill, fry and steam at the touch of a button. A lot of people also enjoy cooking outdoors on gas and charcoal grills. And still, you have electric skillets and frying pans, George Foreman indoor grills, toaster overs, crock pots... The possibilities are endless!

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How do people in Australia cook breakfast?

we cook it

How people in Tudor times cook their food?

Tudor people use ovens to cook their food.

How did southern colonies cook?

how did people in the southern colonies cook

How did the inuit people cook?

they had a education and they knew how to cook on a stove.

Do people in Singapore cook?

Yes, people in Singapore do cook. But eating out is convenient and not that expensive. So for those that do not know how to cook, eating out is also an option.

Why is important to have a cook?

It is important to have a cook among a group of people because the people need to eat. Without a cook, there isn't a way to feed the people and they have to fend for themselves and risk malnourishment.

How do Thai people cook?

Thai people cook with very distinct bold vegetables, meats, and noodles.

Is there another James Cook?

There are many people called James Cook.

How many people did captain cook take with him?

Cook departed on 26 August 1768, carrying 94 people

What people has captain James Cook met?

In his explorations, cook encountered Polynesians.

What to cook in five minutes?

The Sandwich, its custom made for people with limited time to cook!

Is there actually a person called Alex Cook?

There are many people named Alex Cook.

How do people in antarctica cook their food?

Generally, heat is used to cook food in Antarctica.

Who do you cook for?

Personally, I cook for family, and sometime friends. This usually applies for many people.

What do most people cook?


Do people cook cat?

ew no

How do rainforest people cook?

with leaves

Did James Cook have friends?

Yes, James Cook had friends. He had people that also relied on him to do what they needed him to do when it came to keeping people safe.

Did captain cook discovered cook island?

The Cook Islands are renamed from the original Rao To Nga discovered and inhabited by Maori people

What is difference between Maori of New Zealand and Cook Islands Maori?

New Zealand Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand and Cook islands Maori are the indigenous people of the Cook Islands

Can people live at the cook islands?

19,569 people live there

How do the arctic people cook their food?

How did the squamish people eat?

What food does the cook island people?

Island people cook many foods that are local to them. This is because they cannot afford to import other foods.

Who was the first cook?

no one really knows. people used to cook millions of years ago.

How do you answer why are you applying position for cook?

just say that you are a good people person and an even better cook.