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Q: How do people do magic?
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Who named Earvin to magic?

People were calling him Magic because his flashy moves amazed people so much that people called it magic.

Is there actually magic?

If you are talking about do people have magic NO! These magic that magicians do are magic tricks. meaning these are tricks that look like magic to confuse other people and make them believe Magic exist. Eve Jesus Christ didn't have magic. Those were miracles.

How do you protect yourself from magic?

Some people say "there is no such thing as magic" Magic is not necessorily evil. Evil magic cannot harm good people. A Pentacle is known to protect people from evil magic. Magic circle is also a sacred space where the inside is protected from evil.

What is the meaning of Magic?

magic is a illusion made from people.

What are people called that believe in magic?


Why do people like magic tricks?

some people like magic tricks because they like to entertain people.

What are the release dates for The Magic of Hollywood--- Is the Magic of People - 1976?

The Magic of Hollywood--- Is the Magic of People - 1976 was released on: USA: 28 August 2001 (featured on Marathon Man DVD)

How did magic spread?

Magic is a force that people have to believe in. Like religion, it is faith-based. Magic is very old, and it has always been spread by word-of-mouth. People tell other people and convince them of the power of the magic and they believe and tell other people. Magic does not work on people who do not believe that it has power, so it is not possible to cast a spell on someone who has not first been convinced that the spell will work. For this reason magic can only spread as fast as belief in that magic spreads. If belief fails, as has happened in modern cultures, then magic will fail too, and its spread is halted.

Why is magic a disease on Eternal Sonata?

To the people of Eternal Sonata, magic is very rare and considered as a bad omen. Those who can cast magic are considered very sick, and people think that they will get the disease called "magic".

What spell gives people magic?

There is no spell to GIVE you magic because everyone can use it but there are people born in these world who are magic like people who just comand and do not have to cast spells but they can other people have to say rymhey words and there you just cast a spell but there is a spell to increase your magic skill but it is black magic that calls for witch blood so sorry i am not doing it

Which magic black or white was the worst in the middle ages?

Black magic was worse because it was used to put curses on people and/or to harm people. White magic was used to heal people and for good luck spells.

When did Earvin get the name Magic?

People were so amaze with his playing style that they called it magic.

Can People have Magic Powers?

my cousin showed me that she has magic powers im telling the truth

Black magic is performed by whom?

Black magic is performed by people mainly known as witches, black magicians or wizards. The actual people who perform black magic mainly do it for business, financial and power reasons. Most commonly people who are jealous or seeking revenge go to these black magicians to destroy or control other people's lives for personal gain. All magic except Illusion magic is black magic. This includes white magic, black magic, voodoo, hoodoo, hexes and curses to name a few.

Does Cyril Takayama uses black magic?

Yes, in fact, some of his tricks uses black magic, and some do not. Believe or not folks. Cyril Takayama uses black magic... Usually, the people who practice the spiritual craft of Magic (Black or White, Wiccan or Satanic), do not "Perform Magic" to amuse other people. But that does not mean those who perform magic do not know the real magic.

How does people get magic?

They don't, sorry.

How did people invent lies?

its magic!

Why do people call Earvin Johnson Magic Johnson?

People thought the way he was so naturally good at b-ball was just simply magic, so they called him magic johnson. People are obiously stupid because this answer is jank\phoney and he

Is luck black magic?

Luck is the not black magic, it is not magic at all. Luck is a serendipitous occurrence that happens to benefit one or more people.

What is magic for one?

A single practitioner of magic is also known as a solitary practitioner of magic. There are many people world wide who are solitary practitioners.

Is magic really experienced by anyone?

It has been known over centuries that certain people can perform magic or miracles, until now there has been no evidence that magic exists, Some people can do tricks like Chris Angel but it doesn't mean that its magic, if Magic exists, then the world would'v been different.

Is magic a superstition?

Magic is not superstition, it is a craft, practiced by any number of people world wide.

Can you see people that are now in the spirit form?

i you can they are like me magic magic littlebee fairy man !

How many people visit Magic Kingdom each year?

Over 17 million people visit the Magic Kingdom each year.

Why are people so obsessed with magic tricks?

People are so obsessed with magic tricks cause its cool how you make things appear and disappear!