How do people get to space?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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by space ship

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Q: How do people get to space?
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How many people are up in space?

there are 60000000 people in space

Why cant people breathe in space?

Okay, people can't breathe in space because there isnt any people in space right now! Also, if they were, there is little oxygen in space (._.)

What is the use of gyroscope in where?

to help people get to space to help people get to space

Why do black holes takes people to space?

They do not take people to space.

Are people safe in space?

people are not safe in space if there air tanks run out of oxygen because there is no air in space.

How do space rovers get to space?

people launch it

When was We People Space with Phantoms created?

We People Space with Phantoms was created in 1996.

Do rockets carry people to space?

no, rockets carry equipment for people in space

Does a space station carry people?

Yes a space station carrys people. Why would you even ask that question if you know that people go into space

Why is a space program important to astronomy?

Astronomy is about space, and the only way people will know about space is by exploring it. space programs help people learn about it.

Why do people launch space shuttles into space?

to study Earth and space

How many people are in space?

There are three people currently aboard the International Space Station.