How do people get to space?

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How do people survive in space?

\nPeople survive in space by wearing space suits. The space suits provide them with oxygen and surround them with air. Also, They stay in space ships that keep them safe by keeping them surrounded by air under pressure.

Why do people travel to space?

Because it's there - the ultimate reason for doing anything. For the scientific interest in how the universe functions. Also because it is a human dream to go out to the stars and colonise, to break free of Earth's restrictive atmosphere and tiny horizons, and to 'boldly go where no man has gone bef ( Full Answer )

How far have people traveled in space?

The farthest people have been is to the moon. Well, slightly past the moon, because they orbited around it. We have not been to any other planets.

Did people die in the space race?

When you say the 'Space Race' I assume that you mean the race to the moon that happened during the 1960s between the USA and the USSR (now Russia), as, nowadays there is much more co-operation between the nations who have a space programme. This 'space race' was extremely important because it not on ( Full Answer )

Are space people angry?

Yes, space people to certainly get extremely angry, especially because you are not aloud to food fight in space.. This is the thing that gets them aggrevated the most. Im afraid to say, they are VERY angry.

How many people went in to space?

The two most successful manned spacecrafts are the USA Space Shuttle and the USSR/Russian Soyuz. The Shuttle has flown around 119 times and it carries five to seven people, the Soyuz flew something in the order of 100 times carrying between two and tree people, so the number must be in the order o ( Full Answer )

Why do people explore space?

people want to know the unknown things in the space like coloumbus's exploration through the sea. they want to know about the aliens, who are belived to be living in some other planets,as our human behaviour is, featuring to know about the neighbours,and to the facilities and wealth of them ,this ( Full Answer )

How do people take a shower in space?

" cylindrical shower stall and close the door. They then get themselves wet and wash up just like you would on Earth. However, due to weightlessness, the water droplets and soap don't flow downwards into a drain, they float about."

How can space technology be beneficial to people?

Like the biggest boon to people from space technology is thecomputer. The reason computers became so small was the fact thatthey needed to be put on spacecraft. The computers of the 1950swould never have fit on a spacecraft, so they had to invent a wayfor them to be smaller.

Who were the first two people in space?

Yuri Gagarin of the USSR and Alan Shepard of the US, though his was a sub-orbital flight. John Glen was the first US astronaut to match Gagarin and orbit the Earth.

What do people wear in space?

Within your space station or spacecraft, the astronauts commonly wear a jumpsuit similar to a military flight suit. At times, they are shown in video wearing polo shirts or T-shirts. To leave the spacecraft and work outside, astronauts wear a protective space suit. The suit provides pressure to ke ( Full Answer )

Who were the first people who went to space?

Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut, was the first person ever to go to space. Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut, was the first person ever to go to a different celestial body (the moon).

Are people allowed to live in space?

The way the law works they are .The only difficulty lays in legally accessing the equipment and licences needed to use the equipment to get there.. no

Where have people been in space?

As far as is presently known to the public, people have spent time .... -- in Earth orbit. -- in Lunar orbit. -- aboard the Mir Space Station. -- aboard the International Space Station. -- briefly on the surface of the Moon. and that's it .

What do people do in space?

Now that is an interesting question.Truth be told; the only ones that can answer that are the people who have ventured into space. You do though have those people that have cameras trained on them every second of every day while they are in space but even then it is limited

What are ways people study space?

getting rocks from other planets, discovering constellations with telescopes, satellites, and many other ways i hope this helps

What can people do in space?

Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to live and thrive in space. Like building biodomes, more high-tech space-stations, ect. But for now, all we can do is float around, captures images, send probes, take samples, and similar stuff like that.

Who was the last people in space?

The first piece of the International Space Station was launched andplaced in orbit in 1998. There have been crewmen aboard it continuously sincethe end of 2000, rotating and changing crew every 3 months to a year. Atthe present time (mid-January 2014), there are six astronauts aboard the ISS.Forgive ( Full Answer )

Why did people send people in to space?

Simple! they send people to space to investigate space! The moon is an example! people are sent there to check out the moon, to find theories and discoveries. An example of a discovery: the moon was a meteorite that hit Earth , and been orbiting Earth by Earths gravitational force. they must have fo ( Full Answer )

Why is space travel difficult for people?

Space travel is difficult or almost impossible because it has no oxygen, no water, and it can be extremely hot or cold for the human body. It is not a big deal about the food 'cause you can bring it. (not in the question) The reason why they they travel in space is basic. They want to explore if it' ( Full Answer )

Why do people need to go to space?

There are a number of reasons why humans SHOULD go into space, but there is one critical reason why humans MUST go into space; because our Earth is a fragile planet, and we don't want to become extinct from a single disaster. Asteroids or comets or large rocks have struck the Earth before, wiping ( Full Answer )

How people get in space?

Via a rocket. They are blasted up and then they float around a bit before coming back to earth.

Are people safe in space?

people are not safe in space if there air tanks run out of oxygen because there is no air in space.

Why do people explode in space?

a person would "explode" due to any element in space such as your blood would turn to gas causing the person to implode rather than explode.

What do people eat in space colonies?

Of course there aren't any space colonies just yet, but when when we do build these settlements colonists will eventually grow certain plants for food so that people won't have to bring any from Earth. Eventually, Livestock such as cows, sheep, goats, and perhaps pigs will be sent from Earth, provid ( Full Answer )

Why people sent dogs in space?

Because if something went wrong it would be only a dog dying not a human it's not only until later when they made rockets that worked well they put humans in them

Why do space probes not carry people?

Firstly, space probes are too small to carry a passenger. Secondly, there are no life support systems on probes, there is no place for a passenger, as everything is taken up with electronic equipment, and the heating in probes only raises the temperature enough to keep the electrical equipment from ( Full Answer )

How people going to space communicate?

-- If they're in the same vehicle, capsule, space station etc., in a 'shirt-sleeve' environment, then they communicate with each other conversationally, by the use of their mouths and vocal apparatus. -- If they're in different vehicles, or separated by vacuum such as walking together on the mo ( Full Answer )

Why did people send space junk to space?

"Space junk" is an unintended side affect of putting craft into orbit. It is the remnant pieces of the rocket used to launch and old unused hardware that has been abandoned for better technology.

Can people drink water in space?

Yes, as long as they are inside a shuttle or space station. But water will not "pour" in zero gravity and instead will clump into floating balls of water. Either you squirt it into your mouth or open your mouth and swallow it out of the air.

Why should people not space travel?

It's no secret that the risk of personal harm is greater among those who volunteer to train and be launched far from Earth's surface, and so any individual who prefers to avoid risk of injury should not space travel. It's also true that manned flight is more expensive and complex than unmanne ( Full Answer )

Why do people space out?

People may be bored, tired or trying to figure out an emotion they are experiencing due to what is happening around them or something that has been said. Sometimes the term dissociation can be used.

Does a space station carry people?

Yes a space station carrys people. Why would you even ask that question if you know that people go into space

How do robots help people in space?

the roam (go around) planets. they have a camera attatced to them so that we can see what the 'robot sees. usually we send these 'robots' to space to see if there is any life on planets.

How people cant hear you in space?

Sound in a hearing context (rather than a wave in a metal structure etc) is a pressure vibration in air. Space has no air.

Do people into outer space with the satellites?

most of the time, a space shuttle is sent unmanned to space with the satellite on the top of the shuttle. Then they send the sattelite further into space for good precision on the Earth, or other planets.

Can a space shuttle carry people?

Yes, Space Shuttles carried people into space for many years. Today they have been retired and are no longer in use.

Are people louder on earth or in space?

Then only places in space that people would be louder than on Earthare places with denser atmospheres or equivalents (must havematter), assuming their respiratory system can work just as well asit does here. In outer space, there is no sound at all since there areinsufficient amounts of molecules t ( Full Answer )