How do people go to the bathroom?

step one: feel you need to go
step two:move cautiosly to bathroom
step three:open door of bathroom
step four:turn the light on
step five:raise the top off
step six:take of pants/shorts/etc.
step seven:sit down
step eight:wait
step nine:PUSHHH!
step ten:when you are sure you are done, wipe with toiletpaper
step eleven:when you are sure you are done wiping with toiletpaper, flush.
step twelve:put underware on
step thirteen:put pants on
step fourteen:decide if you want to wash your hands or not, if not, then fake washing your hands by turning on the sink
step fifteen:if you are a clean person and you decided to wash your hands, then turn sink on
step sixteen:put soap
step seventeen:wash
step eightteen:when you are sure you are done washing, turn sink off
step nineteen:dry hands with towel
step twenty:open door
step twentyone: leave
step twentytwo:be proud of yourself for a success and you wasted your worthless time reading this.