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What kind of food do iceland people eat?

They eat skyr, potatatoes, animals such as horses, and other dairy products.

Who did vinland trade with?

Greenland, where there were dairy farms, and Iceland.

What people eat in Iceland?

Iceland is a Nordic country between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Most of their cuisine is based on fish, lamb and dairy with little use of herbs or spices.

How does Askja affect people in Iceland?

It effects people in iceland because it does

What type of food is enjoyed in Iceland?

Most cuisine is based on fish, lamb, and dairy products.

What are people called who live in Iceland?

People who come from Iceland are called Icelanders

What are people who lived in Finland and Iceland called?

People from Finland are Finnish and people from Iceland are Icelandic.

Who used to own Iceland?

people who live in iceland

Is there any population ingreen land and Iceland?

Yes, I live in Iceland. Iceland has around 334,000 people and Greenland has 62,000 people.

what is the country with as many sheep as people?

it's iceland

What are people from Iceland called?

A person from Iceland is Icelandic or an Icelander.

Is there famous people that live in Iceland?

Bjork lives in Iceland.

What do iceland people do in iceland for fun?

Everything , its so much fun in Iceland and Iceland is one of the peacefullest lands in the world , thank you for proofing that Yoko Ono :) -everything normal people do

How many people work in a dairy farm?

How many people work on a dairy farm?

What type of music do Iceland people listen to?

What type of music do Iceland people listento? PLEASE ANSWER IT!

How would you find out how many of people live in Iceland right now?

there are about 320.000 people in iceland

How many people are born on Iceland?

Atleast 2 people are born each year in iceland

What is icelands most popular food?

In Iceland, their cuisine consists of lamb, dairy, and fish. They will forage for berries when they are in season.

What is dairy needed for?

A dairy is needed for producing milk and dairy products for people to eat and drink.

What do people eat in Iceland?

Traditionally, food was preserved in Iceland by pickling, smoking, or drying. Wind-dried fish is still popular.Lamb, dairy and fish are important, also skyr (a yoghurt), rye bread and various cured meats and fish.Modern Icelandic chefs use local ingredients like seabirds and waterfowl (including their eggs), salmon and trout, crowberry, blueberry, rhubarb, Iceland moss, wild mushrooms, wild thyme, lovage, angelica and dried seaweed as well as many dairy products.

Which side do most people live in Iceland?

Most people live in the south-west part of Iceland.

Does Iceland speak spanish?

no there are not so many people in iceland that can talk spanish

Where do black people live in Iceland?

Black skinned people live in Iceland and they live among the icelandic people and are not any different from the icelandic people.

Who are the indigenous people for Iceland?

Iceland was never inhabited until the Ninth Century.

Does Iceland use geophermo heat?

People use geothermal heat in Iceland.

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