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The Rosary is a traditional Catholic prayer (also prayed by some Anglicans/Episcopalians) in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While praying the Rosary, it is customary to contemplate certain key events in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, which Catholics call the "mysteries" (the Incarnation, the Nativity, Jesus' Crucifixion, the Resurrection, for example), while reciting the Hail Mary, and the Our Father.

The Rosary is not worship or adoration of the Mother of God (such prayer belongs to God alone) but rather a veneration or honoring of Mary for her faithfulness to God's plan for her and her cooperation in the saving mission of her Son.

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Q: How do people respect the rosary?
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Do you have to be Catholic to have Rosary beads?

Of course not; Nor do you have to be Catholic to pray the Rosary. Although I would ask that you would treat them with respect, especially if they are blessed, as they are considered a sacred object. The link below shows you how to pray the Rosary and meditate on the mysteries.

What is a sentence for rosary?

St. Dominic de Guzman encouraged people to pray the rosary.

How do you pray the rosary for other people?

Easy pray the Rosary and tell God you are offering it up to someone else.

What does a rosary resemble?

Probably the first thing most people think of when seeing a rosary (if they are not familiar with it) is a necklace.

Why the people called the revolution as Rosary Revolution?

The Rosary Revolution was on 24 February 1986 against the Ferdinand Marcos regieme in Manila in the Philippines. The weapon of choice was the Rosary.

Why did Saint Mary give Saint Dominic the rosary?

Mary did not give the rosary to Dominic as it had been in existence for many years. She told Dominic to encourage people to pray the rosary.

Why do you respect people?

You have to respect people so that they will respect you.

Does a rosary have to be blessed before you can use it?

It's just a matter of belief. Most people bless the Rosary before using it. There is no harm even if you use the Rosary without getting it blessed.

What is the symbol of the rosary?

There really is no symbol of the rosary, usually just a rosary.

Why do some people where rosarys?

rosary's are not jewellery, are not meant to be worn like a fashion trend. if you choose to wear it, it must be worn under your garment. the people who choose to not, are silly and stupid. they do not have any respect for God, Jesus, Or Mother Mary. God Bless these people

What is Our Lady of the Rosary patron saint of?

Our Lady of the Rosary patron saint of the rosary.

Should you capitalize Rosary in rosary beads?

No, there is no capitalize when referring to rosary beads. You may choose to capitalize when referring to set of prayers called the Rosary, but not for rosary beads.

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