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運命 (Unmei)

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Q: How do people say Destiny in Japanese?
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How do you spell destiny in Japanese?

Destiny in Japanese is 運命 (unmei).

How do you say destinee in Japanese?

Destiny: un-mei うんめい

What is Japanese for destiny?

運命 unmei.

What is the world for destiny in Japanese?

Pronounced: "Unmei"

What is the phrase 'my destiny' when translated from English to Japanese?

watashi no unmei watashi = me no = 's unmei = destiny

How do you say hello people in Japanese?

"Minasan, konnichiwa" is how you can say it.

What is the word 'destiny' when translated from English to Japanese?


How do you say destiny in polish?

Destiny = Przeznaczenie

How do you say 'Destiny is ours' in Japanese?

運命は私たちです Unmei WA watashi-tachi desu

How do you say destiny in hawaiian?

Destiny is Hopena in Hawaiian.

How do you say I greet you with peace my friend in Hindi or Japanese?

this does not really translate in Japanese, or rather should i say that it is not the way Japanese people would greet each other.

What does the white stand for on the Japanese flag?

The red circle in the middle of the flag represents the Rising Sun. The Japanese associate the rising sun with the sun coming up over Japan and guiding its people to their destiny.