How do people use Californium today?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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It's used for things. Just kidding. It is used in a neutronic gauge, and to find things out about gold and silver. Have a nice life.

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Q: How do people use Californium today?
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How does californium react with sulfur?

Up today californium sulfide was not prepared.

Can californium conduct electricity?

Probably yes (californium is a metal) but experimental data don't exist up today.

Is californium conductive?

No data known today.

What is californium oxychloride used for?

Californium oxychloride has any use but was between the first compounds of californium obtained in 1960.

How do people encounter californium in their everyday lives?

Californium has not uses in everyday life.

Do they use californium in nuclear bombs?

Californium was not used in nuclear weapons. While not used, californium is produced in fusion (hydrogen) bomb explosions and is found in their fallout.

What is the specific heat of californium the element on the periodic table?

Not determined up today.

What countries use californium?

Detectors for water using californium-252 are now used in many countries around the world.

What state is Californium in at room temperature?

At room temperature californium is a solid metal.

Can californium pass through solids?

Not californium, but neutrons emitted by californium.

Is californium deadly?

Californium is radioactive and a strong neutrons emitter; californium can be lethal.

Is californium a nonmetal?

Californium is able to form a critical mass.