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they use himalayas to live build houses and for farming tourism.

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What kind of clothes do people wear in the Himalayas?

people of the himalayas wear woolen clothes

Does anyone live the Himalayas?

Yes, there are people who live in the himalayas.

How do you use the Himalayas in a sentence?

The Himalayas are the largest mountain range in the world.

Are there people in the Himalayas?

There are obviously LOTS of people in the Himalayas, to keep the factories running and to hike the Mnt.Everest!

Do people live on The Himalaya's?

Do people live in the mountains? Yes, in fact they do. The people who live in the Himalayas depend heavily on the yak. They use the yak for food products such as meat and butter. The yak is also a means of transportation for them. The main occupation which people of the Himalayas hold is being guides. This works well because many tourists come to see the majestic Himalayas.

How do people get to the Himalayas?

by climbing

Who were the people who discovered the Himalayas?

H W Tilmon and Eric Shipton discovered the himalayas.

Do people live in the Himalayas?

Yes, people live there

Do people live on the Himalayas?

yes people do live there!!

Do people climb the Himalayas?

Yes they do.

How do people earn money in the Himalayas?

The Himalayas span 5 countries. People in that region work in everything from agriculture to computer sciences.

How do people make a living in the Himalayas?

Most people in the Himalayas make a living by either fishing or farming. Most people living in the Himalayan region are Indian.

Why are there legends in the Himalayas?

there are legends about the himalayas because people claim to see things so they can be known in history

What do you call people who guide people round the Himalayas?


How do the people cope with the environment in the Himalayas?


What do the people in the Himalayas look like?

Humans :)

What do people do to affect the environment in the Himalayas?


What do people wear in the Himalayas?

People in the himalayas wear mostly gucci but they even wear some D&G. I know this helped you alot, your welcome :)))

How many people live on the Himalayas?

Somewhere around sixteen hundred people (1600) live in the Himalayas as of October of 2010. This is about all i could find. I .

How do the Himalayas affect India's people?

The Himalayas hurt India by isolating them from the rest of the world. They also helped by protecting India from people looking to invade it.

Who was the first person to climb the Himalayas and when?

People have been living and climbing in the Himalayas since before recorded history.

How many people visit the Himalayas each year?

In the year 2000 over 350,000 tourists visited the himalayas.

Why did the ancient people of India believe the Himalayas were sacred mountains?

The ancient people thought the Himalayas were sacred and thought to have knowledge for those to renounce the world and meditate.

Regional names of the Himalayas?

Punjab Himalayas Kumaon Himalayas Nepal Himalayas Assam Himalayas Purvachal

Why do few people live in the Himalayas?

Very cold

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