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How do plants absorb nutrients?

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the nutrients pass across the cell membrane

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Where do plants get the minerals from?

Plants absorb minerals/ nutrients from the soil

What does take or absorb water from soil?

The roots of plants is what which helps the plants to absorb water and other nutrients from soil.

How do stems absorb water and nutrients?

from the roots of the plants

What do plants absorb through their roots?

They absorb the water and nutrients trapped beneath the soil. That is how most plants get their food when they do not do photosynthesis.

How do plants absorb nutrients from the soil?

A plant's roots are where nutrients from the soil are absorbed into the plant.

Why do dead plants and animal affect the ecosystem?

Because plants absorb nutrients from the plants and animals.

What is the main source of nutrition for plants?

Plants absorb nutrients from the soil, such as nitrogen and potassium.

How do plants get energy and nutrients?

A process called photosynthesis. The plants absorb energy from the sunlight.

What do plant on land get water and nutrients from?

Plants absorb the water and nutrients they need from the soil in which they are planted.

What are organisms that absorb nutrients from dead plants and animals called?


Why human have teeth and plants not?

Because they absorb nutrients in different ways

What do plants absorb from the soil?

Nutrients and water.

Does plants use nutrients produced by decomposers?

Yes. The nutrients get released from the creature that decomposes and returned to the soil, which the plants absorb through their roots

The two structures most plants use to gather nutrients and energy to live are?

Roots to absorb nutrients from the ground and leaves to absorb the suns rays for energy.

What kingdom did relies on plants for nutrients absorb nutrients through filaments lives in a moist environment belong in?


How do non vascular plants absorb water and nutrients?

Bryophytes, or non-vascular plants like the liverwort, need direct contact with water to absorb it because thy do not have roots. The minerals and nutrients in the water is where the plant gets it's nutrients. Photosynthesis is also a big part in getting their nutrients.

What increases a plants ability to absorb water and nutrients?

Active growth period

Are there any Flowering plants that does not make own food?

Plants create their own energy through photosynthesis and are able to absorb nutrients from the soil. Plants, such as the Venus Flytrap, seem to "eat," but this is due to the low amount of nutrients that they are able to absorb from the soil they live in.

What organisms such as fungi that break down and absorb nutrients from dead organisms?

The organisms such as fungi that break down and absorb nutrients from dead organisms are called decomposers. These are important for plants.

Do plants eat dirt?

Plants do not technically eat dirt. Rather, plants, trees, and shrubbery absorb the nutrients and water that are in the soil.

Do nonvascular plants absorb water and nutrients?

Yes, Nonvascular Plants do not have vessels. Nonvascular plants are found in damp environments and are only a few cells thick, so they are able to absorb water and nutrients from it directly through their cell walls. Vascular plants are more complex and are thick, so they need vessels to get their water and nutrients. See related question

What does plants take in?

Plants take in many things. They absorb carbon dioxide, sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil.

Decomposers are important in the food chain because?

They put in nutrients in the soil for plants to absorb.

Why are root hairs very important to plants?

So they can absorb nutrients and water and store them.

What is absorbed through the roots?

Plants absorb water and nutrients from the soil though their roots.