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by producing food that is eaten by animals

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Q: How do plants exchange energy with the environment and other organisms?
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How do single celled organisms exchange nutrients and wastes with their environment?

by allowing them to diffuse through the cell membrane

How do organisms utilized the stored energy from green plants?

how do organisms utilize the stored energy from green plants

What is the exchange of useful chemicals between organisms and their abiotic environment an example of?

A symbiotic relationship occurs when both parties benefit from the exchange. This does occur when organisms in the soil exchange minerals for food from plants and they will help protect the plant from attack so they should be encouraged.

What the importance of leaves and other organisms?

Each and every organisms is important to the ecosystem and environment. Leaves for example are plants that like all others consume our waste of carbon dioxide and in exchange release oxygen that us humans and other animals need. Other organisms just like plants provide for others as well as take from them. With a group of organisms the environment would be thrown off balance.

How does the environment affect the plants?

Plants are at the bottom of the food chain. They are called autotrophs (organisms that make their own food). Herbivores, like cows, eat the plants in order to get energy (Heterotrphs - organisms that get their energy from consuming other organisms). Then there are the carnivores, like foxes, that kill and eat the herbivorous cows. Finally, us humans are at the top of the food chain. We "eat" everything. If there were no plants or animals, there would be nothing living. The environment would be a barren wasteland with only rocks.

What and how do organisms use sunlight energy trapped in plants?

This energy is stored in glucose. Plants synthesize many things using glucose energy. Other organisms consume plants basically

What are the organisms that change energy from sunlight to chemical energy?

Autotrophs (plants).

Which organisms convert the sun energy into carbohydrates?

Photosynthetic organisms (mainly plants)

Do plants depend on other organisms for energy?


What organisms can get energy from the sun?

plants and mainly pizza

Who studies the interaction of plants animals and other organisms in the environment?


Where does the energy and matter come from in an environment?

THe energy ultimately comes from the sun, from sun to plants through photosynthesis where it is then eaten by other organisms. Also, energy trapped inside the earth ultimately came from the sun Matter comes in a cycle, so it only ever changes when an environment comes into contact with another environment or system.