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A plant cannot survive without sunlight or a source of sunlight. Fluorescent lighting can take the place of sunlight for a plant if sunlight is not possible.

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How does sunlight affect the ability of plants to survive?

Without sunlight, plants can not survive.

Can plants survive without light?

Some plants like mushrooms and fungi can survive without sunlight.

Can plants survive without water and sunlight?

Some plants can live without water and sunlight, though it's very rare. Scientists have already created these types of plants.

How long can different plants survive without sunlight and water?

about a week

Why is sunlight essential for the survival of plants?

Well, different plants need different amounts of sunlight. They need sunlight for photosynthesis, that's how they make their own food. Without sunlight, there would be no photosynthesis, and plants would not survive.

Can a plant live without any water or sunlight?

No a plant cannot live without water or sunlight, unless it's a cactus. Plants need the sunlight to create food for it to survive.

Why is sunlight needed in making food of plants?

Sunlight is needed in making food for plants because in the process of Photosynthesis a major part involves sunlight. Further, without the sun most plants would not be able to survive

Could life life on the Earth survive without the sun?

No, plants cannot survive without sunlight, herbivores cannot survive without plants, and I don't think carnivores and omnivores can survive without herbivores. Besides, they would all freeze to death within a few days anyway.

Do flowers survive better with or without oxygen?

Flowers and plants need carbon dioxide, oxygen and sunlight.

Can plants survive without sunlight?

Some houseplants will survive perfectly fine, with just fluorescent lighting. Pothos is one of them, I know for sure.

Can plants survive with no sunlight?

Plants need either sunlight or UV light. Only mushrooms can survive well with no light source. The plants need the light for phosynthesis.

What do tropical plants need to survive?

tropical plants need sunlight, CO2 and water to survive

Do plants grow better in sunlight or no sunlight?

sunlight because plants can`t grow without sunlight

Can plants grow without sunlight?

I think plants cannot grow without sunlight?But now there is a way to grow plants without sunlight. Visit Global Water Bonsai Enterprises on Facebook

How do plants survive daily environmental events?

they survive with food water and sunlight

Can An Plant Grow With No Sunlight?

Plants rely on the sunlight for the process of photosynthesis which provides the plants energy. Plants (or anything that uses chloroplast organelles an an energy source) cannot grow without sunlight. But if you mean something like Mushrooms, they are not plants. They are Fungus and they like shaded areas so they don't need any sunlight to survive.

The basic requirements for plants to survive are?

Plants have at least 2 very basic requirements in order to survive. Plants need both water and sunlight to survive.

What plants need to survive?

water sunlight + oxygen

What things do plants need to survive?

sunlight, water

What do plants to need to survive?

Soil, sunlight and water.

How do some plants survive in a crowded forest their is very little sunlight?

Plants in deep forest can survive where there is little sunlight because there is a substance and water under the soil.

Does corn plants survive in low light?

No, corn requires sunlight to survive, much like most plants.

Why are plants part of most food chains?

They take in sunlight and the sun is in every food chain. Plants can't survive without the sun so that's my answer.

Do plants without water last longer than plants without sunlight?

Plants cannot live longer without sunlight than without water, this is due to the process of photosynthesis

How can plants make food without sunlight?

They can't. Plants need sunlight, water, and soil to grow or to produce anything. So it is unable to make food without sunlight.

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