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There fur is really thick and strong so no snow could get on the bears body

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How do polar bears survive in cold weather?

polar bears survive in the cold weather because their fur has many layers.

Do polar bears feel cold?

polar bears do get cold but there are used to it so they be fine. they only survive in the cold.

Where do polar bears live and how do they survive the cold?

Polar bears live in the arctic.They survive because of their thick,long fur

Which animal is best able to survive better in the cold tundra?

Polar Bears can survive better in the cold tundra.

What do polar bears do to survive in the Arctic?

Polar Bears eat that is how they survive.

How many polar bears are left in India?

Polar bears don't live in India. India is a tropical country and has climate ranging from very warm to cool but not verycold. Polar bears need very cold climates to survive.There are no polar bears in India.

Why would a polar bear not survive in a rainforest?

Polar bears have adapted to the cold. It's too warm in the rainforest.

How cold does the water have to be for polar bears to survive?

well polar bears don't live in water so it would make since if they have cold water to survive so yes the water has to be cold It would seem they could live anywhere, the water at the zoos isn't that cold and they reproduce too!

How do polar bears survive in the tundra?

polar bears survive in a tundra becayse of the bulber and all there fur

Are polar bears adapted to survive in the tropical forest?

No polar bears have not adapted to survive in the tropical forest.

How do polar bears survive the winter?

a polar bear survive in the winter cause they like the cold and they need winter why u think they live in the artic what aReject

Is the tundra too cold for polar bears?

No. Polar bears thrive in cold weather.

What features do polar bears have to survive the cold?

because they fur so they make the body warm

Do polar bears get cold?

They do get cold but they cuddle with other polar bears and they use to the cold so they know how to live in the cold.

Can polar bears survive only in the cold?

No they cannot because they adapt to the cold weather for so long .....SO they don't know how to survive in the hot weather.

Why do polar bears live in the polar region?

They live in the polar region because it is cold, icey, snowy and their fur is meant for the cold and polar bears love cold.

How do polar bears survive in very cold temperatures?

Polar bears keep warm quite easily actually, they have a very thick layer of blubber under their furry, warm fur. The blubber keeps them insulated and the fur keeps them cozy and warm. Also sometimes, to get out of the harsh Arctic wind, the bears burrow deep under layers of snow.Polar bears have large thick coats that help them survive and they are cold blooded the heat is there big problem that is why at zoos they put them in cold habitatsPolar bears have large thick coats that help them survive and they are cold blooded the heat is there big problem that is why at zoos they put them in cold habitats

Do polar bears live in the Caribbean?

No. Polar bears live in cold places. The Caribbean is not a cold place.

How can the polar bears survive if the temperatures keep rising?

Maybe but not really because they live in cold weather . .

What do bears do that polar bears can not do?

Other types of bears can climb trees and can survive in warm temperatures. These are not things that polar bears can do.

What role does blubber play in helping polar animals survive?

It helps keep polar bears warm throughout the cold winters of the north.

Are Polar Bears cold or warmblooded?

Polar Bears are warm blooded are all bears.

Why can't polar bears survive?

global warming. polar bears need a specific climate to survive and the melting of the arctic is making survival difficult for them. Also, global warming affects the polar bears' food sources such as other animals. When polar bears have less food, it is harder for them to survive.

How do animals survive in cold weather?

It depends what animal your talking about. For example the Antarctic there are polar bears and penguins. They both live in cold conditions but they have different body materials. Polar bears have thick fur for insulation to keep warm.

Are polar bears able to live in the desert?

No, polar bears are adapted to living in the northern polar region, the Arctic, where they spend much of their time hunting seals on the sea ice. They might survive in Antarctic Desert but they are not native to that continent.

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