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The best way too figure this out is google. The reason why I am saying this is because as you know some people have no idea what the answer is. I learned this in 6th grade though. If you can't find the answer on google, go to the government website. On the government website you will find what you need. I enjoyed answering your question.

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Political; parties try to influence how governments should operate. They either encourage more government interactions and spending or less government with budget cuts.

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Q: How do political parties help operate the government?
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Is it possible to govern a democracy without political parties?

The existence of government and political parties implies that there is no true democracy (people deciding how to live and having real control over their lives).

What are two functions of political parties?

The main functions of political parties is to conscientize citizens about the nation's political issues. Political parties also help to ensure good governance and accountability.

Does having a president and a vice president from different political parties help or hinder government?

helps. It brings different views from both sides

What do political parties need help with?

All Of The Above

How do political parties help senior citizens?

they dont

What are the three functions of a political party?

1). A political party should fight in the elections. 2). It should prepare its programmes and policies. 3). Political party mould public opinion. 4). Parties provide people access to government machinery and welfare schemes.

What is the importance of political parties in the democracy?

Political parties help a democracy by keeping the country united. If there is a large political party ruling over, that party keeps the country united.

What is the definition of political relationship?

a relationship between two political parties which help each other

What is the main function of political parties in the US?

The main purpose of having political parties is to bring together, most of the people who share the same political visions and social agendas. The citizens can then have leaders who are capable of pushing those political agendas forward.

Can you belong to two political parties?

No, but you can you are not like some what of a spy to help other parties with what is going on.

What are the strengths of having political parties?

Political parties have unified groups of people and helped them seek and achieve common goals. They help to offer voters choices. Just as people have a favorite sports team that they tend to favor, political parties give people something to identify with. Political parties tend to control who get what, where, when, and how much. Their major purpose for existence is to get people to elect their candidates. Political parties tend to attract people based on their performances and their political platforms. What the promise and what they accomplish while being in office largely determine which coalitions will affiliate with their party in the next elections. So even though elections between political parties can be heated they have served as a way for people to identify with government and best express their individual voice.

How do political parties help the president?

One of the them certainly helps him get elected.