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How do professional athletes get paid?


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It matters the sport and how good you are at it. If you are really good you might make a lot of money such as Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat who makes $15,779,912 a year.


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No, you have to be amateur I believe.

I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan. I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan.

yes they get millions a year.

they should be paid $1,000,000 and give it to charity

They are not paid. This would mean they are professional athletes and to play they can't be paid. The athletes get endorsements from companies after they win.

some probably do put popular sports such as football get paid yearly

Someone who is paid to evaluate collegiate athletes on their professional potential.

Professional athletes because the president only gets $400,000 a year while some ahtletes can get 10 times that

They get paid a lot because there's a lot of sponsorships.

The millions and millions of dollars paid to professional athletes to "play games".

if you play professional baseball, you have to hit 3 times out of 10 to be paid over $1,000,000.

Yes they can. The U.S. Olympic basketball team is made up of professional basketball players. Kobe Bryant to name just one.

A doctor, most definitly. They save people's lives every day while athletes are just competition!

Professional refers to somebody who earns a living by doing something, therefore only sponsored athletes are professional. The majority of athletes aren't professional.

baseball, the new york Yankees are paid 7 million on average annually for the first team players

There are approximately 18,000 professionalathletes in the USA.Athletes in the US4 millon

Several reasons; however, the primary is that there are a lot more police officers than professional athletes. If you have more people on the payroll (especially government payroll), you have to pay everyone less in order to account for the money spent. Another reason is that police officers are paid by the government, while athletes are paid by a wealthy private industry.

yes professional athletes get paid too much Alex rodreguis gets paid 25,000,000 thosand dollars If you are asking for an exact monetary amount for endorsments it can range depending on the company and product being endorsed. For an athlete to appear on a cover of a magazine it can range from the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Which is calculated into their salary. Each professional athlete gets paid a different salary depending on the sport or their popularity or skill.

No. It is illegal is some sports for College athletes to get paid.

In the world of sports, a professional is different from an amateur because they get paid. Professional athletes receive high salaries for their skills in a type of market system. Amateurs do not get paid, or very little, and need to find sponsors to help support them.

There are more than 1,000 professional athletes in Europe.

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