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How do professional leaders assume responsibility?

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September 19, 2007 12:56PM

It depends. Assuming responsibility is adopting the power to

address issues. There are 5 sources of power which are

1. Charisma - Professional leaders rarely operate on charisma

and it often has little to with resposibility - just ask anyone who

studies the history of the Third Reich!

2. Reward - in essence if you do something I'll give you

something nice in return.

3. Coercion - the opposite of reward, you do something or I'll

make something bad happen to you.

4. Expert - greater knowledge allows you to have your word

accepted as the right thing to do.

5. Position - being a particular role makes you the conduit of

information which you can restrict or edit to suit your own

purposes. Professional leaders have position power given to them

and usually have some element of the others with the exception of

charisma. Each of these is used in varying amounts to suit the


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