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by the activity of mammals and birds

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What are pumpkin seeds?

Seeds of a pumpkin?

How are angsana seeds dispersed?

By wind.

How are nipah seeds dispersed?

Nipah seeds are dispersed by water.

How are drumstick seeds dispersed?

The seeds of drumsticks are dispersed by wind.

What are the names of seeds that get dispersed by different ways?

corn seeds are one of the seeds dispersed

How are ash seeds dispersed?

Ash tree seeds are dispersed by the wind

How are teasel seeds dispersed?

Teasel seeds are generally dispersed by water.

Why do birds eat pumpkin seeds?

Birds eat pumpkin seeds because pumpkin seeds are food.

What is an pumpkin seed?

pumpkin seeds are little seeds what are inside a pumpkin thats the answer !

How many seeds does a pumpkin have?

it have 87 seeds in a pumpkin.

Why can't all seeds be dispersed by the wind?

seeds dispersed by animals eg. tigernail seeds ,etc. tigernail seeds have hooks which help it to be dispersed by animals so it cannot be dispersed by wind...... if it is wrong i am sorry.

Are pumpkin seeds are nuts?

Well they are called pumpkin seeds not pumpkin nuts so theoretically the are seeds. Also this is serious they are seeds! :D

What part of the pumpkin do pumpkin seeds grow from?

Seeds are found in the gooey inside of the pumpkin.

What happens when the seeds are dispersed?

the flowers that consisted of seeds may fell the seeds dispersed develops into plants then..

How many pumpkin seeds are in an average pumpkin?

About 500 Pumpkin seeds are in one pumpkin. Hope i helped -Hhopkins1108 ;)

How do pear seeds get dispersed?

They get dispersed by animals.

How are potato seeds dispersed?

it is dispersed by animals

How are eucalyptus seeds dispersed?

their dispersed by air !!!!

How iris can be dispersed?

Iris can dispersed by seeds.

How are the seeds in a pod dispersed?

it is dispersed by bursting

How are urena seeds dispersed?

Its seeds are spread/dispersed by animals. They have hook like structure..

How are pong pong seeds dispersed?

Pong pong seeds are dispersed by water

How do you prepare pumpkin seeds for gerbils?

Pumpkin seeds can hurt a gerbil if not made up right. I wouldn't try to feed them pumpkin seeds unless you bought them from the pet store, and it says "Pumpkin seeds for gerbils" or the pumpkin seeds are already in there food. Its very hard to prepare pumpkin seeds out of a pumpkin for gerbils, so I would save your money and just buy the gerbil food or pumpkin seeds made for gerbils at the pet store.

What is inside a pumpkin?

Pumpkin Seeds

How are mimosa seeds dispersed?

it is dispersed by wind and animals.

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