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the pups learn from the parents how to hunt and how to hide

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Q: How do pup wolves learn from their parents?
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Are wolves a threat to a rabbit?

Yes. Wolves will feed rabbit to their young and will also eat it themselves. Its an ideal way for a wolf pup to learn to hunt.

What do the wolves in Julie of the Wolves think she is?

Wolf pup

Do white and black wolves live together?

Well, wolves are usually the color of their parents or an ancestor. If the parents are white and gray, it is possible for a pup to be black...if it has an ancestor that's black. So yeah, it can happen and it's not uncommon.

What animal is called a pup?

dogs and wolves

What is the offspring of gray wolves?

Grey Wolf Pup

Why do Arctic wolves have pups at a different time than the other wolves?

because, if the arctic wolves had pup's the same time as the other wolves then the pup's would not live. because for one, they'd freeze, for another, they would not have enough food to go around. just like the amount of wolves. they have few pup's when there's scarce food, and lots when the food is plenty-full.

What is a child wolf called?

A wolves child is called a pup

Why do you like wolves?

Wolves are Majestic creatures. Not the monsters people depicted them to be in old times. The More we learn about wolves, the more we learn about how intelligent they are.

Who are the arctic wolves predators?

The adult wolf: No one but man. The pup: Large birds, bears, coyotes, other wolves, just about anything that's a carnivore, actually.

How are wolves nice?

Wolves usually raise up children of other kind of animals. They also make good pets when they are raised up by human when whey were a little pup. Dogs came from wolves and that is why wolves are nice. By the way, please protect wolves.Thank You!

Do wolves have any protective markings or coloring that help them protect themselves from predators?

No mating makes pups and pups can be any color if the Mom & Dad were red wolves the wolf can be black, gray or take after its parents and also be red if its a gray wolf the pup can be red, gray or black.(hope i helped a lil) (:

How do wolves act as a parents?

they look after the pups

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