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the same as smackdown vs raw 2010

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Yes! Smackdown vs Raw is out in PC . But it really very difficult to run this big game in PC.

run on the stairs or go on the jumping thing and press x and arrow down on ps3 ps2 psp

Walk towards it push Z it will be taken apart then hold C and run into it.

Go right by it then run towards it and press "x" for PS2 & PS3. If you have another system pause the game with the Start button and go to tutorials.

Yes. He is the Chief Operating Officer (COO)

i think john loranits willl run both of thim

sooo she can run raw for a lil nd soooo dat she can ge fans nd promote herself

It's a springboard move. You have to run at the turnbuckle and the buch X (xbox) or square (ps2, ps3) and he will jump up and hit starship pain. Hope this helps.

You have to beat them up quite alot first, then you can either: + Get them on the floor, then quickly tap X (for ps3) and you will start punching them +Hit them with an object (steel chair works best) + Or get them on the ground, pick them up, run (L1 ps3) up behind them, and move the right analog stick in any direction. Hope this helped!

You run towards the ring ropes and swing your wii remote hope that helped yo bye!

you have to press L1 and circle at the same time then the opponent will run to the ropes then all you have to do is hit him/her

No. Bleem! only emulates the PlayStation 1. To even attempt to run a PlayStation 2 game, you will need PCSX2.

First you run to the ropes, dont press anything just run right into them. After this you should be on top of the ropes. you press the square button to jump and attack your virtual opponent. Note: It will not work unless your virtual opponent is close enough to you.

It was released a couple of weeks ago on November 15 2011

use batista than run at edge and it well sper ok not rey use batista

ok first thing first what system do you have and if its wii all you do is hold down the numbchuck in the derection you want to go in and you run! ok first thing first what system do you have and if its wii all you do is hold down the numbchuck in the derection you want to go in and you run!

On Xbox and PS3, run/walk is controlled by how far the left thumbstick is pressed

They run on BluRay discs.

The Fat PS3 uses more power than the Slim PS3 and will run much hotter

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