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They can use statistics.

Scientists analyze the data that they collect using either quantitative or qualitative methods. Quantitative methods use statistics. Qualitative methods use methods such as comparison or categorization of the data.

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How do scientists collect and analyze their data?

They do it with a chart called marytlifoses which helps them out by putting their information together

What do scientists do with their data?

Scientists analyze their data and draw conclusions.

After the experiments scientists organize and blank the data?

Anwser is AnalyzeAfter the experiment, scientists organize and analyze the data.

What do scientists perform to collect data?

Scientists perform experiments to collect data.

What is collect and analyze data?

collect and analize the data means to do a summary about what you learn

After the experiment scientists organize and do what with the data-?

After the experiment, scientists organize and analyze the data.

Experiment scientists organize and blank the data?

After the experiment scientists organize and analyze the data.

How do scientist analyze the data they collect?

they analyze it because they want to draw a conclusion.

What do scientists do when they analyze data?

I think they look for trends or patterns in the data.

What kind of mathematics do scientist use to analyze data?

Statistics is a type of math utilized by scientists to analyze their data.

What is a data scientist?

Data scientists are soon replacing business analysts or data analysts. Data scientists are experts who find solution to analyze data.

Why do scientists analyze their data?

Analyzing data helps scientists explain their observations and their explanations are based on the evidence they collected.

How scientists collect data?

Scientists collect data, in all sorts of ways using computer models math observing data, it all depends what kind of scientist.

Which of these is NOT a way that scientists collect data?

There is only one way not to collect data. The only way that is not a good way to collect data is theory development.

What are some of the things scientist might do to analyze data-?

The scientists may take some data to the forensic experts or study the trends to analyze the given data.

What is the advantage for scientists of using nonscientists to collect data?

Non-scientists provide additional sources of data that scientists can use.

How do scientist analyze data they collect?

using a microscope Historical Method

Which steps do scientists take when investigating the natural world?

Form a question. Develop a hypothesis. Make observations. Conduct controlled experiments. Make predictions. Collect data. Analyze data. Develop a conclusion.

What do scientists often do to organize and summarize their data?

Scientists organize their data in the forms of tables and graphs. They use statistics to analyze their results.

What kind of mathematics do scientists use to analyze data?

Scientists use a branch of mathematics called "statistics", which is mathematics for data analysis.

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