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Scientists suggest the most likely theory is the collision theory. It states the Earth was hit by a planetesimal (a planetoid) and then Earth threw out a cloud of dust and gas. Gravity then formed the ring into a ball. The sister theory says the Earth and moon formed separately but close together in the Solar System. The fission theory states the rapidly spinning proto-Earth split off a chunk of magma and the blob of rock became the moon. The capture theory says the moon was a planetesimal (or planetoid) that the Earth captured.

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How does the moon became satellite?

Most scientists believe the Moon formed as a satellite.

How do scientists think the moon was formed?

scientists hypothesize that the moon was formed when a huge object struck earth.

Why do scientists believe there might be water on the moon?

Why do scientists believe there might be water on the Moon?

Scientists believe the earth was formed during this era?

scientists believe the earth was formed during this era precambrian

What have scientists theorized about how the moon formed?


What do most scientists believe is the origin of the moons?

Scientist theorize that a planet-sized object collided with earth and the moon formed

How do scientists think moon craters are formed?

Moon craters are formed by meteoroids hitting the moon's surface.

What are the problems With the other theories of how the moon formed?

Scientists n there theories are uncertain still of how the moon formed about'

What do scientists believe dinosaurs evolved from?

They believe that they formed from Reptiles

How do scientists think the moon was created?

Scientists believe that the moon was created by material from the Earth after a large collision.

Which moon do scientists believe to have a liquid ocean?

Europa - a moon of Jupiter.

According to scientists when was the earth formed?

Most scientists believe that the earth was formed approximately 4.55 billion years ago

Scientists believe the earth was formed during what era?


Scientists believe that the more distant galaxies formed?

the answer is "first".

How do scientists believe petroleum was formed?

con las manos

Where do scientists believe where cells first formed?

prokataryotic and autotrophic

What do scientists believe the Moon's core might be formed of?


Why do scientists believe that earth's rocks and the Moon's rocks are similar?

It is believed that the moon was created by a collision between proto-Earth and a Mars-sized planet. The moon was formed from accreted Earth collision material.

How do scientists believe that earth and the other planets formed?

They believe the planets formed from a disc of gas and dust called a "protoplanetary disc".

What is the moon formed of?

The moon, believe it or not, once was full of lava. That is why there are so many holes in the moon.

How do scientists think the solar system formed and why?

they believe our solar system was formed by the big bang

What is the current theory formation of the moon?

Scientists believe that the Moon has formed by a huge meteorite that hit Earth a very long time ago, sending parts of Earth's crust into its atmosphere. These parts started orbiting Earth for quite some time, then got together and formed into the Moon that we know of today.

Describe one theory that scientists believe the Moon formed?

they think it was once part of the earth and then somehow was hit and broke away from us, but staying in our gravitational pull...

Where do scientists think the moon came from?

Scientists think the moon came from a collision between a large object and the Earth. Others believe that the moon was pulled into orbit by the gravity of the Earth.

How scientist believe lighting is formed?

Scientists believe that lightning is formed when air and ice particles rub against one another in a cloud.