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With their legs!

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Do emperor scorpions hibernate?

Emperor scorpions do hibernate.They will move every once in a wile.

Do scorpions move fast?

Yes, they can move very fast.

Can scorpions jump?

No. Scorpions cannot jump. When eyeing off their prey, scorpions move slowly and stealthily with their open claws out in front, and their tail curled above their body.

How does a scorpion move?

Scorpions are arachnids that walk with their eight appendages (legs).

How do water scorpions move?

being awsome hahahahhahaha yea that's rite

Why does scorpion venom move when the scorpion moves?

Because the venom is in the scorpions tail for use when it stings.

What is the collective noun for scorpions?

The collective nouns are a bed of scorpions, a colony of scorpions, or a nest of scorpions.

Do pocket mice eat scorpions?

Scorpions make good lizard food. There are many predators to scorpions, birds, cats, mice, rats, even humans in certain locations eat scorpions. So lizards eat scorpions, spiders eat scorpions, scorpions eat scorpions and people eat scorpions. I'm sure pocket mice eat scorpions!

How does a scorpian move?

Scorpions have four legs and a tail that they can move around with. They walk just the same as other creatures with four legs. Similar to spiders.

Do Scorpions Sleep?

Scorpions Do NOT Sleep.

Are scorpions herbivores?

No, scorpions are carnivores.

Are scorpions human?

No. Scorpions are arachnids.

Will other scorpions eat baby scorpions?

at the contrary , are the baby scorpions who eats their own mother... <a href="whatdoscorpionseat.html">What do Scorpions eat?</a>

Do scorpions travel in packs?

no No, scorpions are not travellers and most scorpions are solitary creatures. -J

What eats scorpions?

some reptiles may eat scorpions, scorpions eat other scorpions but mostly birds of the western origin in the desert.

Are water scorpions gay?

No, they are water scorpions.

Why is antarctica the continent for the scorpions?

There are no scorpions in Antarctica.

Do scorpions have a shell?

Yes, scorpions have shells.

Are scorpions feared by people?

Yes, they are. Scorpions are known by there poison, which can kill. This is why Scorpions are feared by people.

Are scorpions carnivores?

yes, scorpions are carnivores. they eat bugs. wild scorpions eat any bug they can find, but pet scorpions can eat crickets

What does desert scorpions eat?

Scorpions eat insects, spiders, centipedes and other scorpions. Larger scorpions may eat small lizards, snakes, and mice.

What do scorpions eat in the desert?

Scorpions in the desert eat a variety of insects, spiders, lizards, and other scorpions. Scorpions have to have water but can go for months without food.

What is the scorpions prey?

scorpions eat a variety of insects, other scorpions and small mammals like mice.

What is a scorpions size and color?

they are different types of scorpions the most commons scorpions are yellow-goldy or black.

Do scorpions have antennae?

no , all arachnids and (chelicerata) have no antennae (spiders , scorpions , pseudo scorpions , ticks and mites) .

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