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How do sea lions swim?

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they have a tail

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Can African lions swim in the sea?

Yes, African Lions can swim in sea, but they only swim if they have to.

Why are sea lions called sea lions?

They are the lions of the sea, have whiskers like lions but swim in the ocean

Can you swim with sea lions?

It is possible, since sea lions are playful with humans

Do sea lions know how to swim when they are born?

They can swim after a couple of days.

What do sea lions use to swim?


How do Australian sea lions get to shore?


How do sea lions travel?

How do sea lions travel? They swim. they don't travel though. They swim in the water to go get food and then go back to their home.

What do sea lions usually do?

Swim, play and eat.

Do seals and sea lions swim the same way?


Do lions swim?

Lions can swim

How are sea lions and polar bears alike?

they both swim in water

Can lions swim in the sea?

Yes, lions CAN swim in the sea but rarely do so. Lions along the coast of the Namib Desert do feed on seals and will, on occasion, enter the water to make a kill. Unlike tigers and jaguars, lions swim only when necessary and not for "fun."

Can sea lions swim?

Certainly, in fact they spend 90% of their life in the water.

Do sea lions need to swim?

Yes. To feed, mate, and keep the skin moist.

How fast do sea lions swim?

If hunting or in danger, a sea lion can swim at speeds of up to 13. 5 miles per hour. When not in danger, they generally swim at a relaxing 1. 2 miles per hour.

How are people like sea lions?

the both give birth,they both can swim,and both eat

Why are Sea Lions called lions?

Sea lions are called sea lions because they dominate like lions and they live in the sea

How is the water pollution affecting the sea lions?

Water pollution affects sea lions in various ways. Pollution can contaminate the water they swim in and drink. Some contaminants from pollution are stored in the fish and other prey that sea lions eat, which then affects their own health. Sometimes the sea lions are injured after trying to eat trash thrown into the water.

How fast can a sea lion travel?

Sea lions can swim up to 25 miles an hour. This is the fastest recorded by a California sea lion, which is the fastest species of a sea lion.

What are the characteristics of the sea lion?

Sea Lions have outer ears, while seals don't Sea Lions can prop themselves up on their front flippers, while seals can't. So the thing at Sea World doing the tricks, that's a Sea Lion. Probably a California Sea Lion. Sea Lions swim with the front flippers and steer with the back. Opposite for Seals.

Can African lions swim?

Yes, they can swim, but they only swim if they haveto.

Can Mountain Lions swim?

Yes, they can swim.

Do you swim in the sea or at the sea?


Do sea lions climb plants or trees?

No. They swim, and cannot climb. Think of a seal or walrus, and not a lion or tiger.

How do sea lions caputer their food?

They are able to swim faster than the fish they eat and catch the fish in their mouth.

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