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The use of marine sponges as bioindicators of water contamination is well established due to their simple body structure, filter-feeding life style and widespread abundance. Sponges are unique among marine invertebrates in that they have no internal organs specifically designed for filtering large volumes of water. When the water around them is badly polluted, the sponges die and can be an indication to the human population in the area that soemthing is wrong. Also,as living organisms (even the most primitive, as they are), they are part of the food chain and this by definition serve some other organisms as food; sea sponges serve as the primary food source for endangered hawksbill sea turtles.

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Are sea sponges decomposers?

No, sea sponges are not decomposers. Sponges are filter feeders.

Do sea sponges sleep?

Sea sponges can't sleep because they have to breathe and if sea sponges sleep they can't consentrate on breathing.

Are sponges really sea animals?

yes they are. a sea animal lives in the sea and sponges live in the sea

What are the sea sponges predators?

Sea sponges predators could be sea turtles, crabs, sea slugs, or sea stars. :)

Where are sea sponges found in?

Sea sponges are found in sea . There are 5000 species of sponges . Most of them live in sea. Only 150 species live in fresh water .

What eat sea sponges?

Sea slugs are mostly the only thing that sea sponges eat, known to scientists. Some believe that sponges eat more than just sea slugs. The sea sponge doesnโ€™t have many preditors, sea-wise.

Do sponges live in the ocean?

yes sea sponges.

Are starfish sponges?

no starfish are sea creatures not sponges

About how much do sea sponges weigh?

No one can be for sure.All sea sponges are many different sizes!

How do sea sponges look like when their born?

Sea sponges aren't born they just grow.

Do sea sponges come in different colors?

yes sea sponges do come in different colors!

How do sponges nourish?


Do sponges have cells?

If you're talking about kitchen sponges, they do not have cells. However, sea sponges have cells.

How deep would the sea be if there was no sponges in it?

If you were to wring out the sponges before removing them, the sea would be just as deep.

What do sea sponges feel like?

Sea sponges feel wet and squishy kinda like jello.

Which is more absorbent sea sponges or synthetic sponges?

Sea Sponges, They Absorb The Most Water Or Any Fluid And Synthetic Sponges Don't Have As Much Absorbency, Also They Don't Have As Many Holes.

How does sponges adapt to its environment?

Well sponges environment need lots of water and clean air and also clean everything!

What do sea sponges look like?

Sea Sponges can have various shapes, sizes, and colors. Usually they have tubes, like coral. In fact, most sea sponges resemble coral to some extent.

What are the predators of sea sponges?

sea slugs and sea stars

Do sea sponges have brains?

No. Sponges have no sort of neural-muscular system.

Where do sponges live?

Sponges live in saltwater lakes, sea, and oceans. Some sponges live in freshwater.

What eats red beard sponges?

Red beard sponges are eaten by Sea slugs, starfishes, and sea turtles.

Where are sea sponges found?

sea sponges are found in mostly in salt water, but a few live in fresh water.

Do sea sponges have a diploblastic or triploblastic body organization?

Sea sponges are neither because they lack true tissues.

How do sponges adapt to their environment?

they dont.