Porifera (Sponges)

Sponges are very diverse invertebrates that live under the sea. They come in a large variety of colors, shapes and structural complexities.

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Porifera (Sponges)

What eats sea sponges?

Some nudibranchs (sea slugs), hawksbill sea turtles, angelfish, sea slugs, some starfish, the larvae of sponge flies, some brittle stars and some fish eat sponges.

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Porifera (Sponges)

Why were sponges originally classified as plants instead of animals?

Sponges were first though to be plants because, at first glance, they appear to be so. They are immobile, have no appendages to speak of, and lack a nervous and circulatory system. What sets them apart from plants, however, are two main things. The first being that they are filter feeders; they siphon water through their bodies and specialized cells with cillia catch the food and transport it to speceialized cells to be digested, whereas the vast majority of plants make their own food. The second is that most sponges start out as free-swimming larvae that eventually settle down onto a solid surface and transform into the sessile soft-bodied creatures we know as sponges.

Porifera (Sponges)

What class does a sponge belong to?

It is an invertebrate in the Phylum Porifera. There are several classes of sponges, not a single class. I think, from your question, you are asking for the phylum. Porifera refers to the pores that they use to take in or expel water.

Porifera (Sponges)

Are sea sponges warm blooded or cold blooded?


Sponges are not cold blooded or warm blooded due to different tempatures

Porifera (Sponges)

Is a Sponge vertebrate or invertebrate?

Sponges are invertebrates

Porifera (Sponges)

Do sponges have segmented bodies?

Sponges do not have segmented body. Sponges are a mass of tiny animals bound together into a poriferous body of different structures, like the giant barrel sponge.

Porifera (Sponges)

Does phylum porifera have a heart?

No, they are sponges. Actually they are the only animal phyla that does not have any "true tissues".

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Porifera (Sponges)

What kingdom is the sea sponge?

Sea sponges comes under the kingdom Animalia. They belong to the phylum Porifera.

Porifera (Sponges)

How does the azure vase sponge reproduce?


Porifera (Sponges)

How do sponges differ from the majority of organisms in the animal kingdom?

  1. They don't really move around
  2. They have no major organs (much like jellyfish)
  3. They make good art supplies when they die.
Porifera (Sponges)

Why can't sponges live on land?

They need water to filter feed.

Porifera (Sponges)

What phylum does the yellow tube sponge belong to?


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Porifera (Sponges)

Are sponges unicellular organisms?

Sponges are not unicellular organisms but they are multicellular organisms.They belong to phylum Porifera. They lack tissue grade organization hence they are called Parazoa. Sponges are aquatic animal with pores in body . They possess following types of cells; pinacocytes , choanocytes ,amoeboid cells,spongioblasts and fibroblasts.

Porifera (Sponges)

What eats porifera?

Porifera are sponges, and many animals eat sponges, including nudibranchs and some specialized fish.

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Porifera (Sponges)

How many species of freshwater sponges are there?

Of the approximately 5000 species of sponges, only about 150 species are freshwater.

Porifera (Sponges)

Is a sea sponge an invertebrate?

yes it is

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Porifera (Sponges)

Can seahorses and sea anemones live together?

While seahorses and sea anemones live together in the wild, it is difficult to keep them together in an aquarium because anemones sting and seahorses can be killed or injured by them.

Porifera (Sponges)

What class does the tube sponge belong to?


Porifera (Sponges)

Which animal displays segmentation hookwarm grasshopper sponge or planarian?

Im pretty sure it's a grasshopper... they have different segments (head, thorax, body etc.)

Porifera (Sponges)

Do sponges have protection?

Yes. They can release spikes. When a potential predator touches a spike, it releases poison.

Porifera (Sponges)

Is porifera sessile?


Porifera (Sponges)

Is octopus phylum porifera?


Porifera (Sponges)

What is canal system in sponges?

Its the little tunnels that let in and release water

Porifera (Sponges)

Do sponges have spores?

Yes, spores or spicules(same thing) it holds the body together so ther like bones in our body

Porifera (Sponges)

How do sea sponges feel?



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