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Sea Turtles protect themselves by asking the women to protect them.the male sea turtles are wimps and they want the women to do all the work!male sea turtles need to step it up and be a MAN!!

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How do sea turtles use their shells?

Sea turtles use their shells to protect themselves from predators such as sharks.

How does the loggerhead sea turtle protect themselfs?

Loggerhead sea turtles protect themselves by biting their predator.

Why do sea turtles use their shells?

sea turtles use their shells to protect themselves from preditors like sharks and the orca whale

How do green sea turtles protect themselves from predators?

Sea Turtles Protect Themselves From Their Predators By Going Inside Their Hard Shell So When Their Predator Comes THey Wont Feel Anything But A Organism Poking Their Hard Shell xD:)

How do sea turtles protect themselves from danger?

They all carry knives and brass knuckles

Do sea turtles urinate?

Some turtles can't protect themselves with their limb/head so they will urinate a foul urine with a pungent odor in attempts to protect itself.

How do sea stars protect themselves?

how do sea stars protect themselves from predators how do sea stars protect themselves from predators

Describe two ways in which turtles protect themselves?

Turtles protect themselves by drawing their limbs, tail, and head into their shells

How do green sea turtles protect themselves?

they use their shells to protect themselves or they just swim away.answer- i watch animal planet they would bite cause one bit a shark

How do loggerhead turtles protect themselves?

When they feel threatened, they hide in their shell, that's how they protect themselves

Why do the sea turtles have a shell?

to protect them from predators

Do sea turtles live by themselves or in a group?

Sea turtles live by themselves, only young turtles(the ones that survive) live together, but that's for only a few months.

How do turtle protect itself from its enemies?

Turtles withdraw into their shell to protect themselves

How do hawksbill turtles defend themselves?

they protect themselves with their like rock shells.

Why do snapping turtles have teeth?

snapping turtles have teeth so they can protect themselves and their eggs

How do sea urchins protect themselves?

the spikes on a sea urchin protect it.

Why are some people opposed to passing laws to protect sea turtles?

because sea turtles are important to our food web

Why do turtles hide?

because their scared and they wanna protect themselves

What are sea turtle shells used for?

Sea Turtles shells are used to protect them from there preditors.

Information on bog turtles adaptation?

their shells has addapted to protect themselves

How do snapping turtles protect themselves?

they stay in water most of the time

How do sea horses protect themselves?

They try to camouflage themselves.

How do sea turtles avoid their enemies?

By shrugging themselves into their shell.

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