How do see space in our environment?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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There is no actual 'space'. Our environment is full of air.

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Q: How do see space in our environment?
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Why did scientists send the first animal in space?

To see how the environment and the launch would affect it.

3-d environment that contains infinite space and depth?

A VR world is a three-dimensional (3D) environment that contains infinite space and depth.

What environment must you provide for frogs to live in space?

Well, For one, Gravity.Otherwise you would see frogs floating all over space, but you would also need plant life for the oxygen and of course.. the food like crickets and such. Reptiles such as the frog need a greenhouse type of Environment.

What is personal environment?

Your personal environment refers to yourself, your home, and your office space

Why do objects in space experience extreme temperatures?

Objects in space experience extreme temperatures in space becuase space is a vacuum.

What does someone in space travel see?

you see space!

Can you see particles in a controlled environment?

yes, you can see particles in a controlled environment

Your turtle has not grown what do you do?

Well, did you know that turtles grow according to the size of their environment?? If you keep your turtle in a small environment, it will never grow ( no matter how old it gets ). So I would suggest giving your turtle a bigger environment, wait , see if it grows. If it doesnt, you should go see a vet. But most likely, the turtle is not growing because of the space it is in.

Can you see the shuttle in space?

You can not see the space shuttle on Earth, but you can see it in a rocket!

How does space exploration affect the environment?

The reason space exploration has an affect on the environment is because we have alot of CO2 emissions that adds to several kilotons every year

Does 'environment' also include humans?

"Environment" includes everything in a defined space -- including humans.

What is used to see space on earth?

You can't see "space". You can see objects in space, but space itself is not visible.If you did wish to observe objects in space, a telescope would help you to do so.