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How do separate plastic pails that are stuck together?

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June 05, 2012 10:27PM

For plastic pails that are really stuck together squirt liberal

amount of guess what WD 40 where the 2 pails meet it will disappear

into the crack where the pails meet

go around the pails 2 or 3 times let them sit for 10 or 15

minutes then you can hit the bottom pail with a rubber hammer while

holding both pails of the ground where the heavy plastic is that

holds the end of the handle alternate sides while hitting the

bottom one should fall of the other one

I tried the cold water and ice no luck

You can try filling the top one with cold water or placing the

bottom one in hot water.

Cold contracts and hot expands.

A very easy solution is to drip a small amount of Dawn and water

down between the tubs. They will release immediately.

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