Great White Sharks

How do sharks know which direction go?

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Sharks Follow Their Scense Of Smell To Find Their Prey

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How old can sharks stay alive for?

go to google, then type in "how old are sharks?" then when you find out ask "how old are crocodiles"then you will know who is older sharks or crocodiles.

Do sharks go to Spain?

Sharks don't "go" anywhere. There are some sharks in the waters around Spain.

What is the difference between sharks and other kinds of fish how do they know that sharks are sharks and not other kinds of fish?

They just know......

Do sharks eat leopard seal?

yes leopard seals are eaten by bull sharks! i do not know if other sharks eat them bt i know for sure that bull sharks do.

What is dangerous about sea in the 1800s?

all of the sea creatures.squid,sharks,ya know sharks have been around when dinos were alive,well go to go make sure to ask more questions

Why do sharks have fins?

To allow directional movement. Without fins, they can't go in a coherent direction, and they will sink because they cannot control their movement.

Why do sharks always move?

If sharks did not move then they would die, when they move its like they are breathing, I know we dont do it but they are sharks ya know xD

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What is the tiger sharks movement?

their movement is only forwards they can not hange direction

Are tiger sharks color blind?

Sharks maybe know where blood is from miles away but does not know how red it is

How come sharks attac people when they go in the water?

cause they don't know that they are humans they think they are there pray

What sharks are extinct?

scissor sharks are extinct and the answer is not this ( because, i dont know)

Are there sharks in Ireland?

all i know is there is definitley no dangerous sharks in Ireland !!

Which sharks eat plankton?

the sharks that i know of that eat plankton are Whale sharks, Basking sharks, "mega mouth" (i don't know the technical name) i can't think of any more those are a few

Can tiger sharks go in freshwater?

No They can't. Bull sharks can

Why was the invention of a compass made?

to know which direction the person or the factor should go

What direction do you travel to go from Asia to Africa?

You would travel in a generally southwestern direction from Asia to Africa.

Are sharks interesting?

To me and people who find sharks interesting yes, to you I don't know

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What sharks live in cold waters?

most sharks do live in cold waters. I dont exactly know what sharks do but most do.

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How do you know that prehistoric sharks were bigger than todays sharks?

Scientist Know This Because They Have Discovered Fossils Or Bones Of Prehistoric Sharks From Millions Of Years Ago Which Shows That There Bone Growth Was Much Larger Than Sharks Today.

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Where do nurse sharks and whale sharks and hammer sharks live?

They usually go in an abandon ship or a dark cave.