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How do skunks spray?

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Skunks have a special gland that produces the liquid spray. A skunk lifts its tail and releases the spray when it is scared. It creates a terrible stench that wards off predators and makes skunks very unpopular.

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Do baby skunks spray?

Yes, baby skunks do spray. We have some baby skunks and they spray. We haven't got them descented. :)

Why do skunks spray for no reason?

Skunks only spray in self-defense

Do skunks spray when they see yellow?

No. Skunks spray when they feel very threatened.

What wild animals spray like skunks?

Striped polecats spray like skunks.

Do skunks spray when they die?

Skunks spray when they feel threatened, so if the skunk is already dead, there would be no reason to spray.

Can skunks spray on concrete?

Technically, skunks can spray onto any surface, so yes, they can spray onto concrete.

Do all skunks spray?

all skunks naturally spray but when domesticated they can have their stink glands removed!!

What animal spray?

Skunks are animals the spray.

Do Skunks Spray Their Stinky Air?

When in danger, skunks are known for their ability to spray a repulsive gas from their behinds.

What do skunks do to protect themselves?

skunks spray a defensive gas

Do baby skunks spray more than adult skunks?


Does a red fox spray its enemies?

No it is skunks that spray.

What are skunks habits?

its spray

Is a skunks spray its pee?


What is the skunks spray made of?

This is made from secretions from the skunks scent gland.

Is baby skunk spray as strong as adult skunks spray?


What is the skunks spray called?


Do skunks actually spray?

when cornered they will

Can skunks spray when they sleep?

yes they do

When will skunks spray you?

When they feel threatened.

How do skunks get their spray?

Skunks have evolved to be able to express a noxious substance from inside their tails. They create the spray within specialized glands.

Do Albino skunks spray?

Yes, albino skunks spray. The only thing different about an albino of any species is that they lack pigmentation.

Do skunks smell if they do not spray?

No, the spray is what makes the skunk notorious for the smell.

Do skunks die when they spray?

No they do not. The spray is an adaptive means to escape from predators.

Do skunks spray cats?

no, i haven't ever seen a skunk spray cats before. i should now, we have cats and have caught five skunks.