How do soils sustain life?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Soils sustain life by using organic material for nutreints.

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Q: How do soils sustain life?
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Does Jupiter have sustain life?

No Jupiter doesn't sustain life.

What must you do to sustain life on earth?

we can sustain life on earth if we keep on recycling and pick up rubbish.

What planet is known to sustain life?

No planet except the planet Earth is known to sustain life till date.

What is the planet that could not sustain human life?

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that can sustain human life.

What are the features of the earth are necessary to sustain life?

Apart from water, you need oxygen in the air to sustain life on earth. With these two indispensable features, both mankind,animals and botanical reserves sustain life on this planet.

Why are life energy processes valuable?

to sustain life

What is the difference between the earth and the stars?

Stars are suns and cannot sustain life. Earth is well, earth, and it CAN sustain life.

How do scientists help sustain life in Antarctica?

Scientists who study the health of planet earth in Antarctica are not chartered with the challenge to 'help sustain life' in Antarctica. There is no animal life to sustain and 98% of the continent is covered by an ice sheet.

What air used for?

Sustain life.

Could mars sustain life?


Is there an ocean that cannot sustain life?


How does soil sustain life?