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the same as they do on earth!

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โˆ™ 2010-04-01 23:24:33
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Q: How do solar powered space probes work?
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Would a solar powered heating unit work on the moon?

A solar powered heating unit may or may not work on the moon

How solar powered things work?

Solar powered things work when they reflect off the sun. For example, if you have solar power energy it reflects off the sun making energy and then you can use it.

Does a solar powered heater work on the dark side of the moon?


A solar powered boat would work?

Depens on how many hours of sun it gets, on how much you want to drive it, and for how long/fast you want it to go. A solar powered speed boat - no. A solar powered commercial ferry - no. A solar powered dinghy for some casual fishing - sure.

Will solar power work on the moon?

Absolutely, in fact, better than here on Earth because there is no atmosphere to block some of the light. Solar is how many satellites and the International Space Station are powered.

Would a solar powered device work on the moon?

Yes, solar power reaches the moon.

Can solar energy powered items work at night?

no stupid head

Do solar powered robots work in factories?

Typically they are powered by electricity (like plugged into the wall). So no, however, that electricity may come from solar power.

How does solar powered cars work at night?

By using power stored in the batteries

Will a solar powered FM receiver transmitter work on the moon?

yes it could

Why do some solar powered calculators work at night?

They use power from an internal battery when solar energy is not available.

Can I get solar powered lights that will work if my yard doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight?

Solar powere lights usually require a good deal of sunlight to be powered so it may not work if you do not get much light in your yard.

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