How do space shuttles get payload back to earth?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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When the space shuttle goes through the atmosphere, the space shuttle can then by itself land safely because no fuel will be needed. You can use the atmosphere of the earth to slow the space shuttle down allowing it land safely with the payload. The payload will still be on the space shuttle because it won't be removed, only the equipment will be removed from the space shuttle. The shuttle has to do no work whatsoever when bringing it back to earth because it won't be needing fuel when landing on earth.

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Q: How do space shuttles get payload back to earth?
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What spacecraft traveled back and forth between earth and space?

Space shuttles

Why do the space shuttles get hot when they come back to earth?


Why are space shuttles call shuttles?

Because it carries a crew into space, then returns to Earth, just like a shuttle that goes back and forth.

Why are space shuttles called shuttles?

Because it carries a crew into space, then returns to Earth, just like a shuttle that goes back and forth.

What happened to the space shuttles that are not used anymore?

they are put into muesems or they are already damaged when they come back to earth

How do space shuttles aid space exploration?

Space shuttles are not directly involved with space exploration. A space shuttle is only designed to be able to deliver supplies and cargo to Low earth orbit and back. The only way that the space shuttle helps with space exploration is by doing missions to set up and repair space telescopes, which can be used to learn more about about the universe.

What was the first space shuttle to go to the moon and back to earthwhat was the space shuttles name?

No space shuttle has been to the moon and back.

Why are shuttles called shuttles?

The space shuttle is a reusable space vehicle; it goes into space and it comes back, and can be used again for futher missions into space. Whereas, previously space travel was done by rockets that could be used only once. The rockets would be used up after a single use. Shuttles, therefore, are the kind that can shuttle back and forth.

What 3 space shuttles made it back safely?

Veurjr, Kadkj, and Ruril

Where do space shuttle land?

space shuttles fly in space and then like an aeroplane it lands on a runway with a parachute flying out the back

How do single stage rockets get payload off Earth?

The single-stage rocket can get the payload off earth, but not into space, because there is not enough fuel, and the weight eventually becomes too great. So at some point, the rocket will fall back down to earth. For this reason, most single-stage rockets are missiles.

Does space shuttle revolve around earth before going to other planets?

Space shuttles are not designed to go to other planets, they stay in a near earth orbit, orbiting earth several times in a mission before returning back to earth. They don't really go far from our planet.