How do sparrows fly?

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They get low pressure on top of their wing and high pressure under neither if it was equal like high pressure on top and high pressure on the bottom it would not work.

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Q: How do sparrows fly?
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Related questions

Can sparrows fly?

Yes they can

Can sparrows fly upside down?

They can dive, but not fly on their backs.

How high do sparrows fly in the air?


Why do sparrows fly?

Most birds fly because that is the way that they have to survive. Just as fish have to swim.

What enables sparrow to fly?

Birds such as sparrows use their wings to push against the air, which enables them to fly.

Which bird can fly longer distance sparrow or pigeon or penguin or crane?

First of all, penguins are not able to fly. Sparrows can fly the longest in that group.

What is a collective noun for sparrows?

The collective term for a group of sparrows is a host of sparrows, a quarrel of sparrows, or a flock of sparrows.

How long do baby sparrows stay in the nest?

Baby sparrows stay in the nest for approximately one month or 30 days. They usually will leave their nest and fly once their eyes have completely opened and developed.

How long does it take a bird to fly?

How long it takes a bird to fly depends on the breed of bird and the speed in which they can fly. Waterfowls and shorebirds can fly at about 80 miles per hour. House sparrows fly between 15 to 18 miles per hours.

What is a group of sparrows?

The collective nouns for sparrows are:a host of sparrowsa meinie of sparrowsa quarrel of sparrowsa tribe of sparrowsa ubiquity of sparrows

Can fly in the sky like a butterfly?

humans can not fly in the sky like a butterfly but birds,crows,sparrows,robins,bluejays and more we have no wings but we can still glide with a glider.

Where do sparrows hibernate?

Sparrows do not hibernate.

How many different varieties of sparrows are there?

There are no varieties of sparrows. There are 245 species of sparrows and finches worldwide.

Do sparrows eat mice?

No, sparrows do not eat mice. Sparrows mostly eat seeds and grains.

When was The Sparrows created?

The Sparrows was created in 1965.

When did The Sparrows end?

The Sparrows ended in 1967.

What is a flock of sparrows called?

A group of sparrows is most commonly called a "host" of sparrows.They can also be called a "knot" of sparrows. Sometimes they are referred to as a "Quarrel" of sparrows as well.

Do sparrows kill each other?

Yes, sparrows do kill other sparrows during their constant fights.

How long for baby sparrows to fly?

usually in 4 to 6 weeks, they can teach themselves. make sure they have feathers for test flight. :)

What colors are sparrows?

Sparrows are brownish or greyish birds.

Are sparrows songbirds?

Yes , Sparrows are regarded as songbirds .

How much sparrows are there in the world?

There are 9896945389 SPARROWS IN THIS WORLD.

What would you call a group of sparrows?

A host of sparrows (:

What do young sparrows eat?

Sparrows feed their babies insects.

Do sparrows eat ladybirds?

no, sparrows don't eat ladybirds